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sadhana panchakam - part 2


Practical  steps  to Spirituality- section 6  part  40  

Sadhana  Panchakam  

                        Verse  two  gives  eight  steps   . They  are as  follows. 1. Seek  companionship  with  men  of  wisdom  . Sat sangh  with  great  masters help  in their  wisdom  to   flow into  us. . This way  our  inner  personality  grows. 2. Be  established  in  firm  devotion  to  the  Lord. . Devotion  is   supreme  love  for  the  Supreme. . In  devotion  there  is  total  integration  of  the  mind  and  intellect. 3. Cultivate  virtues  like  santi  (  sama  )  and  danti  (  dama  )   for  controlling  the  mind  and  senses. . When  the  mind  and  senses  are  controlled  , the  mind  remains  calm  and  the  intellect  becomes  brilliant  and  Sharp. ,which  helps  the  mind  to  contemplate  and  meditate. 

                     4. Avoid  all  desire ridden  activities  . Desireless  actions  help  in  exhausting  ones vasanas. .   Actions  which  are  done  with  selfish  desires   tend  to  collect  more  and  more  vasanas. which  in turn  create  the  vicious  circle  of  thoughts- desires- actions  - vasanas - again  desires  and  actions .5. A perfect  master  must  be  a  shrotriya  brahma nishta   who  is  well  versed  in  the  Prasthana  Thrayi  (  the  Upanishads  , the  Bhagavad  Gita  and  the  Brahma  Sutras. )   and  who  has  experienced  the  Divine. . The  seeker  must  surrender  to  such  a  Guru. . True  surrender  to  the  Guru  amounts  to   attuning  our  thoughts  and  actions  to  the  teachings  of  the  master. 

                   6. Daily  serve  the  sandals. of  the  Guru. . Serving  his  sandals  means  to  live  up     in  constant  and  sincere  contemplation  of  the  One  Infinite  Self. . Serving  the  Guru  means  imbibing  the  Guru's  teachings  and  live  in  constant  and  sincere  contemplation   on  the  Self. 7. Worship  the  immutable  'OM '.Vedantic  students  are  advised  to  worship '  OM'    as  a  symbol  of  the  Self. for  mental  purification. .'OM'  is  the  immutable  symbol  of  the  Supreme  Reality. 8. And  lastly  ,  listen  intently  to  the  Upanishadic  declarations   and  listen  directly  from  a  master  and  contemplate  upon  the  subtle  significance  of  the  four  great  Mahavakyas.  .

to  be  continued....

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