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sadhana panchakam -verse 4


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  6  part  42  

Sadhana  Panchakam   verse 4

                      The  Sadhana  Panchakam   continues  with  another  set  of  eight  steps   in  verse  4  . 1.  According  to  Sankara   ,  hunger  is  a  chronic  disease  of  the  body  and  must  be  treated  like  all  other  diseases  . When  the  body  is  ill  ,treat  it  and  bring  it  back  to  normal  health    2.  . Daily  take  the   medicine  of  bhiksha  food.   . Take  food  as  a  relief  from  hunger   and  not  as  an  enjoyment  . For  a  sannyasin  ,the  food  gathered  from  five    houses  is  bhiksha    and   for  a  householder  ,whatever  comes  unasked  is  bhiksha  . It  is  important  that  you  offer  food  to  the  Lord  before  partaking   it.

                    3.  Beg  for  no  delicious  food  . The  term  ' food  '  includes  all  sense  stimuli  that  are  food  for  the  five  senses.  . Seek  the  inner  joy  and  not  sense  gratification   . 4.  . There  should  be  an  inner  sense  of  contentment. Contentedly  live  upon  whatever  comes  to  your  lot  ,as  ordained  by  the  Lord. . Learn  to  live  in  the  inner  joy  with   a  peaceful  mind  rather  than  in the  excitement  gained  through    sense  gratification  . . 5. Endure  all  pairs   of  opposites  such  as heat and  cold,  joy and  sorrow,   honour  and  dishonour  . and  so  on. By  shifting  our  identification  to the  Self  you   will  not  get  tossed  about  by  the  disturbances  created  by the   pairs  of  opposites  in  your  life.

                  6. Avoid  wasteful  talk. . Idle  talk  is  generally  about  women  wealth  pleasure  and  enemies. . To  spend  time  on  idle  talk  is  to  get  distracted  from  the  spiritual  path. 7.  . Be  indifferent  to  things  happening  around   you  or  you  would  be  emotionally    tossed  about  by   each  and every   event  in your  life. Being  indifferent  means  learn  to   surrender  the  bad  happenings  around  you  to  the  Lord.  8. And    lastly  save  yourself  from   the  other  people's  kindness  and  harshness  . A  spiritual  seeker  has  to  maintain  the  right  relation  with  everyone  ,neither  too  close  nor  too  far. . Give  more  than  you  take.

to  be  continued.....


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