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special features of the Gita


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section 6 part   46

The  Gita  revisited...

 Special  features  of  the  Gita   and  its practical  application  in real  life  situations. 

                        The  reader  can  easily  identify  with  Arjuna  , the  seeker  in  the  Gita  .1.  Arjuna  , the  seeker,  was  a  man  of  action  but  was  filled  with  worldly  problems   and  expressed  various  emotions   like  being  elated  , insulted,  angry,  frustrated   and  confused  . The  ordinary  layman  on the  street  can  identify  with  Arjuna  and  his  problems  , because  he  too  goes  through  struggles  in  life. 2. The  knowledge  of  the  Upanishads    ,was  given  by  great  masters  in  the  river  banks  or  mountain  heights  , whereas  the  Gita  was  given  in  the  battlefield  of  life  ,  wherein  Arjuna  was  advised  to  face  problems   and  not  run away  from  them  . 

                   3. The  Gita  is  a  divine  song  sung  by  the  Lord   and  its  message  is  immeasurable  . The  Lord  is  ever  ready  to  hear  our  prayers   and  guide  us  in our  life. 4.  Only  situations  come  to  us  and  not  problems  . It  is  we  who  turn  them  into  problems   and  keep  worrying  . That  we  are  inadequate  to  face   situations   causes  problems   and  not  the  situations  themselves. . 5. The  teaching  empowers  us  to  effectively  face  'problems '  effectively  . . So  when  we  are  faced  with  problems  , our  first  response  is  to  run away  from  them. . Arjuna  too  wanted  to  leave  the  battlefield  , but  Krishna's  teachings  helped  him  to  get  over  his  grief  and  confusion. . We  believe  the  situation  causes  the  problem   and  so  we  try  our  best  to  change  the  situation which  is  next  to  impossibility.  

                 6. We  suffer  because  of  the  'problem'   and  we   go  through  cursing  and   complaining  about it. . We  do  not  understand  that  this  does not  help  in  solving  our  ' problems' .. The  Lord  did  not  allow  Arjuna  to  escape  or  complain  ,nor  did  He  change  the  situation  ,even  though  He,  as  the  Lord  of  the  universe,  could  have  done  so. .. Arjuna's  attitude  got  transformed  and  he  could  see  the  situation  objectively  . We  find  that  at  the  end  of  the  teachings  Arjuna  said  he  would  do what  was  his  duty  by  facing  the  challenges  before  him. . He  got  transformed  from  a  man  of  confusion  to  illumination,  from  ignorance  to  knowledge   and  from  inaction  to  right  action.

to be  continued....

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