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The Gita revisited


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  6  part  45

The  Gita  revisited.....

                      We  shall  take  a  tour  of  the  Gita   and  see  how  relevant  it  is  even  today   even  though the  teachings were   given   thousands  of  years  ago  by   the  Lord . The  Gita  talks  about  you  and  me  and  discusses  our  problems  . It  answers  all  questions  we  usually  ask  . Who  am  I?   How  can  I  be  happy  ?  How  can  I  get  rid  of  anger  ?  How   do  I  remain   calm  in  the  midst  of  chaotic  situations  in  my  life?  How  did  God  create  this  world  and  what  is  my  relationship  with  God  ?  What  is  the  goal  of  life  and  how  do  I attain  it  ?  and  many  more  questions   concerning   God  ,the  world  and  you  and  me  . 

                    The  Gita  shows   three  paths   to  the  Truth /  God   , the  path  of   selfless  actions  (  karma  yoga  )  . the  path  of   devotion  (  bhakti  yoga  )  and  the  path  of  knowledge   (  jnana   yoga ) . The  Gita  is  a  book  of  knowledge   about  life  and  its  problems  . The  Gita  necklace  of  eighteen  strings   (  chapters  )   with  700  pearls ( of  wisdom ) , was  composed  by  sage  Veda  Vyasa  . He  composed  the  Mahabharata  , the  18  Puranas  ,  the  Brahma  Sutras   and  he  compiled  the  four  Vedas. . It  is  said  that  all  the  knowledge  in  the  world  is  only  a  fraction  of  his  infinite  knowledge.

                        Veda  Vyasa  requested  Lord  Ganesa  to  be  his  scribe   and  the  latter  agreed  on  only  one  condition  that  he  would  write  only  continuously   and  if  he  were  to  stop  writing  ,he  would  not  write  at  all.  Veda  Vyasa  was  cleverer  than  Lord  Ganesa  ,in  that  he   told  him  that  whatever  Ganesa  wrote  ,should  be  written  only  after  understanding  what  was  being  dictated  . Sure  enough  Lord  Ganesa  took  his  own  time  to  understand  and   then  write  each  word     and  this  arrangement  best  suited  Vyasa  who  had  all  the  time  in  the  world  to  think  and  dictate  .

to  be  continued..... 

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