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the student of the Gita


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  6  part  49

The  Gita  revisited....

The  student  of  the  Gita  

                             The  student  of  the  Gita   should  show  the  following  characteristics  . The  students  come  from  different  circumstances  , situations  in  life, and   with  different  qualities  of  mind  and  hence  their  responses  would  vary  very  much  from  one  student  to  another. . It  is  true  that  the  one  among  the  students   who  approaches  the  Gita  with  the  right  attitude  and  works  sincerely  to  imbibe  the  teaching  , surely  faces  success. . The  student  of  the  Gita,  like  any  student  of  any  other  subject  must  have  sincerity  and  consistency  in  the  pursuit  of  knowledge  . And  the  student  , specially  those   on  the  spiritual  path,  requires   a   greater   degree  of  respect  for  the  studies  and  humility  towards  the  Guru. 

                        The  student   should  approach  the  Guru  with  humility  and  with  an  open  mind  without  prejudices and   preconceived  ideas. . He  should  mentally  surrender  to  the  Guru  and  absorb  what  he  teaches. . Sankaracarya  says  "  even    a  sinner   who   has  surrendered  to  a  Guru  can  have  hope  of  redemption. ". The  student  should  present  himself  and  his  problems   as  they  are  without  underplaying  or  exaggerating  them  . . The  student  should  show  an  eagerness  to  learn  more  and  more  . Arjuna  was  ever  ready  and  eager  to  learn  from  the  Lord  and  the  Lord  too  was  indeed  eager  to  teach  him  more  and  more. 

                     The  student  should  respect  his  teacher   and  should  not  bother  himself  about  the  Guru's  .  personality  . What  is  important  is  the  message  ,  the  knowledge   he  imparts   rather  than  his  personality. . The  student  should  have  tremendous  faith  in   the  scriptures  ,  in  the  Guru  and  his  teaching. It  is  by  the  grace  of  the  Guru  alone  that  one  can  cross  the  ocean  of  samsara. . The  student  is  expected  to  get  all  his  doubts  cleared   by  asking  intelligent  and  relevant  questions. . All  the  courses  of  studies  would  become  useful  only  when  the  student  follows  the  teachings  and  transforms  his  attitudes,  his  vision  and  his  way  of  life. 

to  be  continued......

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