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Does the Gita teach us to go to war ?


Practical  steps  to spirituality-  section 6  part 53  

The  Gita  revisited  

Does  the  Gita  teach  us  to  go  to  war  ?

                  Does  the  holy  book  recommend  violence  is  the  question  that  will  crop  up  in  any  seeker's  mind  and  it  is  indeed  a  serious  doubt  that  has  to  be  answered  . In  many  places  of  the  Gita  , we  find  that  the  Lord  asks  Arjuna  to  get  up  and  fight  this  war. . So  is  the  Gita  an  instigator  of  war  .? . There  were  reports  in  the  paper  that  in  Russia  , this  holy  book  was  banned  because  the  government  thought  that  it  taught  war. . This  ban  was  imposed  because  of  the  fact  that  the  teachings  of  the  Gita  were  not  understood  in  the  right  perspective. Later  on  ,we  all  know  that  the  ban  was  lifted. 

                We  must  remember  the  fact  that  the  Gitopadesam  was  given  to  Arjuna  in  the  settings  of  the  battlefield  at  Kurukshetra   and  when  both  the  armies  were  ready  to  shoot  the  first   arrows,   Arjuna  suddenly  got  filled  with  grief  on  seeing  his  own  kinsmen  in  the  battlefield   and  his  grief  had  made  him  get  deluded  which  turned  him  into  a  man  of  inaction. . So  he  surrendered  to  the  Lord  to  show  him  the  right  path. So  it  became  Krishna's  duty  to  awaken Arjuna    to  his  right  senses   so  the  he  would  perform  the  choiceless  duty  that  he  was  expected  to  perform   . It  was  Arjuna's  duty  to  fight  this  righteous  war   and  destroy  the  adharmic  in order  to  establish  dharma  . Sri  Krishna  was  just  asking  Arjuna  to  do  his  duty. which  here  was  to  fight  this  war. 

                 If  the  Lord  were  addressing  a  student  , he  would  have  asked  the  student  to  study, study  and  study. . If  the  Lord  were  talking  to  a  man   with  qualities  of  a  quest  for  Self  knowledge  ,  the  Lord  would  have  advised  him  to   take  to  a  deeper  study  of  the  scriptures   under  the  guidance of  a  Guru  and  grow  spiritually  and  help  others  in  imparting  this  knowledge  so  that  they  too  would  grow. A  doctor   prescribes  medicine  according  to  the  needs  of  the  patients. . Surgery  is  always  the  last  option  for  the  doctor. . A  judge  gives  capital  punishment  only  for  the  most  heinous  crimes .Similarly in   a  society  when  the  evil  forces   take  the  upper  hand   to  destroy  the  society,  then  it  becomes  the  duty  of    all  right thinking  persons  to  put  down  this  with  a  stern  hand , even  by  destroying them. . And  if  and  when  we  allow  evil  forces  to  grow  , then  society  suffers  . 

                Hence  the  message  of  the  Gita  is  not  'fight'   but ' actively  resist  evil'  outside in  the  world     because  if  we  allow  negative  forces    to  grow  they  would  destroy  the  world   and   and  the  same  applies  to  us  too  as  when  we  allow  negative  tendencies   within  us  to  grow  they  will  finally  destroy  us. 

to  be  continued.....

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