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'do not grieve ' as seen from many different perspectives


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  6  part  59  

The  Gita  revisited  

' Do not  grieve  '  from   different  perspectives

  Lord  Krishna  says  that  the  soul  is  immortal  and  that  it  is  only  the  body  that  dies   and  so  long  as  one  lives  , one   should do  his  duty. . He  says  that  which  is  born  shall  perish  and  that  which  perishes  shall  be  born  again  .. This  is  the  law  of  nature  and  so  why  should  one  grieve  over  the  death  of  the  body  ?  

                  It  is  the  mind  that  grieves  and  it  is  our  thoughts  that  make  us  grieve  .Knowing  that  the  thoughts  too  shall  pass  away  ,we  must  endure  the  sorrow  while  it  lasts  . For  the  sake  of  attaining  the  higher  ,we  should  endure  the  pinpricks  of  life  both  at  the  physical  and  mental  levels. .The  Real  never  perishes  and  the  unreal  never  is  . The  fact  that  joys  and  sorrows  come  and  go  ,shows  that  the  unreal  is  not  real.  and  then  why  should  the  unreal  make  us  unhappy  . 
              The  Lord  says  that  even  from  the  perspective  of  dharma  ,it  was  Arjuna's  duty  as  a  kshatriya   to  fight  this  righteous  war  If  Arjuna  decided  not  to  fight  this  war  , then  it  would  amount  to  adharma  .  Even  when  we  see  from  the  worldly  perspective  , he  was  expected  to  do  his  duty  , that  of  fighting  this  war.  escaping  from  his  duties  would   bring  about  shame  on  him   and  earn  him  a  very  bad  name  . Seen  from  the  material  perspective  , fighting  and  winning  the  war  would  bring  him  worldly  pleasures  and  kingdom  ,while  dying  on the  battlefield  would  gain  him  heavenly  pleasures. 

                  The  Gita  says  that ' the  righteous  actions  , which  are  our  duties   and  have  come  unasked  and  are  in  line  with  our  natural  disposition  , are  gateways  to  lasting  joy  and  prosperity.' .  The   Lord  advises  Arjuna  not  to  grieve  for  those  who did not  deserve  to  be  grieved  over.    Bhishma  and  Drona  had  gone  against  their  dharmas  by  supporting  Duryodana and  his  unrighteous  cause  and  hence  they  deserved  to  be  killed  .It  is  our  attachments  and  identification  with  them  that  causes  grief  and  not  their  death.  So  the  solution  to  grief  is  to  give  up  all  attachments   Hence  the  message  of  the  Gita  is  do  not  grieve  .

to  be  continued....


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