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the attitude counts


Practical  steps  to  spirituality- section 6  part  61 

The  Gita  revisited  

Attitude  counts  

                        While  doing  an  action  , we  are  asked  to  focus  on  the  present  action  and  not  on  the  results  of  our  action  ,which  is  uncertain  ,which  is  not  in  our  hands  ,which  will  happen  always  in  the  future  in  this  present  life  or  in  some  future  lives,  or  which  may  not  be  available  for  us  to  enjoy  in  this   life. So  why   become  anxious  about  the  results  of  our  actions  . The  attitude  counts  while  we  do  the  actions  . It  prepares  us  for  the  highest  Truth  .We    should  carry  the  right  attitude  towards  our  obligatory  duties  which  are  to  be  done  unconditionally  and  cheerfully   according  to  the  station  ,stature  and  position  we  hold  in  life  

                         Even  a  little  of  a  selfless  action  brings  its  own  rewards  , sometimes  directly  or  indirectly   and  we  may  not  even  become  aware   immediately of  the  benefits  it  brings.  .for  instance   ,today  I  have  helped  pay  the   school  fees  of  a  poor  student   and at  the  end  of  the  month to  my  surprise   ,I  may      receive  a  letter  from  my  boss  about  an  unexpected  pay rise  . It  is  the  law  of  life  that  when  we  do  some  good  action  selflessly  ,it  definitely  brings  its  own  rewards  . Nobody  knows  when  and  in  what  form  it  will  come 

                   Even  if  we  fail  in  our  sincere  attempts  to  help  others  , yet  it  is  our  attitude that  we  carry  to  help  others  that  matters  . If. in the  case  of  a  fire  we  try  our  best  to  save  as  many  lives  as  possible  but  do  not  succeed  in  saving  anyone  , even  then  we  would  be  praised  for  our  sincere  attempt  because  it  is   the attitude  that  counts.. The  attitude  concentrates  the  mind  . If  I  have  a  genuine  attitude  towards  getting  up  at  4 AM    everyday  , my  only  thought  while  going  to  bed   would  be  to  wake up  early  in  the  morning  and  there  would  be  no  other  thought  in  the  mind.  and  that  helps  me  to  wake  at  that  hour  . So  in  all  that  we  do  it  is  our  attitude  that  counts  

to  be  continued......

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