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yoga karmasu kausalam


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  6  part  62 

The  Gita  revisited 

Dexterity  in  action  is  yoga-  yaga  karmasu  kausalam  

                    The  Gita  instructs  us  to  perform  our  duties  choicelessly  and  unconditionally   without  a  selfish  motive  but  with  the  right  attitude   ,we  then  uplift  and improve    ourselves  which  automatically  benefits  all  . By  doing  ' our  duties  ' ' serving  others'  is   also  taken  care  of  . Doing  our  duties  towards  others  is  to  serve  society, the  country  in  all  respects. 

                    Dexterity  is  to  do any  task  well  , systematically   while the  mind  remains  focused  on  the  job  on  hand  . But  not  all  efficient  actions  can  be  called  yoga  because  even  a  murderer  plans   so  meticulously   and  can  be  efficient  in  his  activity  but  that  is  not  yoga  at all. 
               Actions  bind  us  as  one  leads  to  another  in  a never  ending  sequence Not  to  get  caught  by  actions  is  called  dexterity  in  action  . . It  is  desire  that  prompts  all  our  actions ,which  bring  results   which  prompt  us  to  do  further  actions   . As  we  enjoy  or  suffer  the  results  , new  impressions  (  vasanas  )  are  created  which  create  new  desires  which  prompt  further  actions  which  in  turn  bring  their  own  results  . Thus  actions  become  never  ending  . The  doer  of  action  becomes   the  enjoyer  of  results  and  the  enjoyer  becomes  the  doer  of  more  actions  again  . . This  chain  of  desire-  action -  result  - impressions  (  vasanas )  - desire   is  called  the  bondage  of  action  

                 The  Bhagavad  Gita  tells  us  to  perform  all  our  actions  with  karma  yoga  attitude  so  that  the  existing   vasanas  get  exhausted  and  no  new  vasanas  get   created and  then  the  mind  becomes  fit   for  the  higher  pursuits  . This  is  called  'yoga  karmasu  kausalam  ' -  dexterity  in  action  is  yoga  '. 
 to  be  continued.....

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