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the ladder of fall -continued..


Practical  steps  to  spirituality- section 6 part 67

The  Gita  revisited. 

The ladder  of fall  continued..

                    The  ever  increasing  desires  can  never  get  fulfilled  , hence  the  mind  ever  remains  anxious  ,  agitated  and  frustrated  resulting  in  anger. . Anger  causes  delusion. . While  a  person  is  in  anger,  his  intellect  can  seldom  work. ,  it  cannot  discriminate  between  the  right  and  the  wrong. . The  intellect   loses  control  over  the  mind  and  one  gets  confused  not  knowing  what  one  should  or  should  not  do. . And  when   this  delusion  is  there  , it  makes  us  forget  our  past  knowledge. . When  the  intellect  is  deluded  , rational  thinking  is  put  on  hold   and  whatever  knowledge  , values  and  wisdom   we  have  gathered   from  our  past  experience  becomes  unavailable  to  us  . 

                When  the  past  knowledge  and  experiences  are  forgotten  , the  intellect  is  destroyed  completely. . When  the  intellect  is  not  able  to  to  understand  the  present  situation   and  not  able  to  access  our  past  knowledge  ,  the  intellect  comes  crashing  down. . A destroyed  intellect  destroys  the  individual   himself. . Human  beings  are  indeed  the  only  ones  in  God's  creation  to  be  blessed  with  a  powerful  intellect  which  helps  him  to  live  as  a  human  being  different  from  the  other  species  on  earth.  and  which  helps  him  to   always  use  his  discrimination  to  know  good  from   bad,  right  from  wrong  and  live  his  life  in  the  right  direction  . But  when  this  intellect  gets  destroyed  , he  is  no  better  than  an  animal  only  in  human  form  . If  he  can  coolly  and  calmly  ponder  over  his  present  predicament  , he  would  very  well  understand  that   everything  starts  with  desires   and  frustrated  desires  take  the  shape  of  anger. . Elsewhere  in  the  Gita  , the  Lord  says  Desire,  Greed  and  Anger  are  the  three  gateways  to  Hell. . 

                    Drugs  , alcohol  and  other  addictions  directly  affect  our  discriminative  faculty   and  under  their  influence  ,we  behave  like  animals. . A  devil  once  caught  a  man  and  gave  him  a  choice  . Beat  your  wife  ,  or  kill  your  servant  or  drink  this  bottle  of  liquor  . , the  devil  told  the  man. . The  man  thought  the  last  option  was  the  most  harmless  of  the  three  , so  he  drank  but  subsequently  lost  his  mind   , beat  his  wife  , killed  his  servant  too . . Such  is  the  downfall  of  a  man  under  the  influence  of  drugs or  alcohol. 

to  be  continued.....

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