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Practical  steps  to  spirituality- section 6 part 74 

The  Gita  revisited


                    Scriptures  advise  us  to  do  our  enjoined  duties  . , which  we  have  seen  may  be  our  daily  duties  or    special  duties. and  to  give  up  actions  that  are  selfish , prompted  by  our  personal  desires. Duties  come  to  us  unasked  at  every  stage  of  our  life. and  they  depend  on  the  position  we  hold  in  the  family,  society,  nation  and  at  the  work  place  . A  family  man  has  duties  towards  taking  care  of  a;ll  the  family  members  but  when  he  takes  to  sannyasa  his  duties  towards  his  family  cease  . An  employee  has  to  do  his  duties  as  per  the   rules  laid  down  by  the  company  but  the  day  he  retires  from  service  ,he  no  longer  has  any  duties  towards  the  company  that  employed  him. . When a  youth  joins  the  armed  forces  , his  only  duty  is  for  the  nation  , there  can  be  no  personal  desires  whatsoever. 

                    It  is  also  a  fact  that  ignorance  of   law  does  not  allow  us  to escape  from  our  duties. Paying  taxes  is  a  compulsory  duty,  if  not  done  he  is  punished  by  the  government. . Rules  are  there  to  follow  , there are  rules  laid  down  by  a  government  , a  society,  an  employer   and  so  on. . We  also  notice  that  some  of  our  duties  are  thankless  A  father  is  never  thanked  for  taking  care  of  his  children   nor  a  son  / or  daughter  for  taking  care  of  the  parents. . A house wife  who  has  lived  all  her  life  only  in  the  service  of  her  family  never  gets  to  hear  any  praises  but  when  one  day  she  fails  in  her  duties  , she  earns  everyone's   displeasure. . Duties  have  no  special  rewards  ,but  doing  one's  duty  by  itself  is  its  own  reward  . . A  child  attending  school  regularly  is  never  rewarded  (  unless  the  teacher  chooses  to  reward  him )  but  there  again  when  he  absents  from  school  without  genuine  reasons  he  is  punished. 

                   Our  duties  increase   with  age  and  stature  . We  as  children  did not  have  any  duties  , but  as  we  grow  our  responsibilities  increase  and  so  are  our  duties. . Duties  come  to  us  unasked  and  they  increase  as  our  position  increases. The  duties  of  a  Post  Master  and  that  of  the  Prime  Minister  very  because  of  their  respective  position. . An  advise  that  is  worth  listening  is  that  , we  should  inculcate  the  habit  of  doing one's  duties  even  from  a  small  age   and  that  there  is  dignity  in doing   one's  own  duties  and  doing  duties  have  their  own  rewards  . The  child  should  never  be  bribed  , thanked  or  rewarded  for  doing  their  small  duties  , otherwise  they  grow up  expecting   the  same  treatment as  their  birthright   or  they  grow  up  feeling  discouraged  when  they  are  not  rewarded 
to  be  continued.....

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