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Iswara arpana buddhi


Practical  steps  to spirituality- section 6 part 75

The  Gita  revisited 

Iswara  arpana  buddhi 

           The  Gita  says  karma yoga  =Iswara  arpana  buddhi (while  performing  actions  )  +prasadha  buddhi  (  while  receiving  the  results  ). So  we  all  should  know  what  is  the  right attitude  in doing  one's  duty  that  will  turn  it  into  karma  yoga  .. We  all  of  course  know  that  just  doing  lots  of  actions  is  not  karma  yoga  nor is  it  in   doing  good actions alone.  . . Good  actions  or  duties  done  under  compulsion  or  as   a  burden  make  them  tedious  and  boring. So  the  right  attitude  while  performing  good  actions  would  be  doing  all  your  actions  as  an  act  of  worship  of  the  Lord. . We  should  do  our  duties   with deep love  , with the  spirit  of  sacrifice  and  with care  and  efficiency  , without  likes  and  dislikes  , prejudices  or  selfishness  . Only  then  they  would  be  considered as  being  dedicated  to  a  higher  ideal .. No  work  then  becomes  unimportant,  menial, or  below  someone's  dignity. Instead  one  should  carry out  all  his  duties  with  great  enthusiasm  and  inspiration. and  dedicate  them  all  unto  the  Lord  , then  this  attitude  is  called  Iswara  arpana  buddhi. or  yajna  spirit  .

             The  alter  of  dedication  can  be  the  work  itself   for  a  teacher  who  loves  teaching  ,  a  social  cause for  one  who  fights  against  child  labour  , or  a  noble  ideal  like  finding  a  cure  for  AIDS  , or  highest  devotion  , the  supreme  devotion  that  Hanumanji  had  for  Lord  Rama  . It  is  said  that  only  when  he  became  a  servant  of  the  Lord  (  till  then  he  was  serving  the  vanara  king  Sugreeva  )  , that  he  came  to  achieve  great  powers   and  accomplish  unimaginable  tasks  . So  to  work  with  this  attitude  that  I  am  working  for  the  sake  of  the  Lord   ,   doing  only  His  work   with   the  knowledge  and  strength  bestowed  on  me  by  the  Lord   and  that    to  express  my  love  to  Him   I  carry  out  all  my  enjoined  duties  ,   this  indeed  is  karma  yoga   

to  be  continued.....

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