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the pancha maha yajnas

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Practical  steps  to spirituality- section 6 part 77

The  Gita revisited 

The  pancha maha yajnas  

                Right from  the time  we  are born  , we  are taken care of by nature, our parents , and other relatives  and  by society  .Scriptures tell  us  that  it  is  time  to  give  back  to  all  when  we are  mature  enough to  understand   the  value  of  paying  back  . Hence  scriptures  enumerated  the  five  yajnas  to  show  our  gratitude  to  all  from whom  we  continue  to  receive benefits . . The  pancha  maha  yajnas  are  a  daily  ritual  performed  to  repay  our  debt  to   nature,  all  living  creatures,  to  fellow  human  beings  ,  to  our  fore fathers   and  the  great  rishis. 

                 The  Bhuta  yajna  :  It  is our  duty   not  to  exploit  or  destroy  other  living  creatures   but  to  help  in  the  protection   and  preservation  of  all  species. . Each  of  God's  creations  helps  us  in its  own  ways   and  it becomes  our  karthavya  to   extend  our  love  to  them . When  we  understand  the  deeper  implication  of  this  yajna  , we  will  become  pure  vegetarians  and  come  to  believe  in  ahimsa   .The  Deva  yajna  :  Nature  serves  us  all  the  time  . . The  sun,  the  wind  , the  rains  , the  cycle  of  seasons  , the  different  kinds  of  vegetation  , the  rivers  and  mountains  all  help  us  and  without  whom  we  may  not  be  able  to  survive. . Can  we  ever  imagine  life  without  the  sun?. So  it  becomes  our  duty  to  keep  our  environment  pollution  free  , the  rivers  from  getting  polluted  by  industrial  waste.  and  so  on. . We  should  help  in  maintaining  ecological  balance. .The  Pitr  yajna  :   Our  parents  and  other  family  members   take  care  of  our  physical,  emotional well  being  . Our  fore  fathers  have  handed  down  to  us  the  value  system  , culture  and  tradition  . It  then  becomes  our  duty  to  live  as  good  human  beings  , take  care  of  our  parents,  follow  the  value  systems  given  to  us  by our fore fathers  and  pass  them  on  to  the  next  generation. 

                The  Nr yajna  :   Society  provides  for  our  good  health,  education  ,  for  our  total  well  being  . It  is  now  our  turn  to  pay  back  to  society  by  becoming  responsible  citizens   in  extending  a  helping  hand  to   the  poor  and  needy,  in  helping  to  educate   street   children ,  in building  homes  for  the  orphans   and  help  each  human  being    live  his  life  in  dignity. Even  paying  taxes  in  time  becomes  an  yajna.  The  Rsi  yajna  :  The  sages  of  the  past  have  handed  down  to  us  a great  treasure  in  the  form  of  the  invaluable  scriptures  . We  should  study  the  scriptures   and  live  our  life  in  accord  with  the  principles  laid  down  in the scriptures. We  should  also  help  in spreading  this  knowledge  to  others. 

                   Following  the  above  five  principles  and  doing  the  five  great  yajnas   as  a  daily  ritual  helps  us  to  lead  our  life  with dignity and grace  and we help others too  to  lead  their  lives  in peace  and  happiness.  

to  be  continued....

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