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Tyaga and samarpana


Practical steps to spirituality- section 6 part 78

The  Gita revisited

Tyaga and samarpana  

              The  Gita  says  "  one who eats  without sharing  eats  sin." . When  we  perform  all  our  actions  with  yajna  spirit  , it  involves  giving  up  something  (  tyaga  )  and  offering  something  (  samarpana  )  . We  see Nature  is  always  doing  the  same  .  The  waters  from  the  ocean  evaporate (  tyaga  )   and  are  offered   to  the  sun  and the  clouds  in its own  turn  showers  (  samarpana  )  rain  on the  earth.  The  coconut  tree  gets  water  from  the  earth  and  in its  turn  it  gives  back  the  sweet  water  to  the  passersby  . . Similarly  ,we  too  human  beings  should  keep  this  wheel  of  action continuous   by  giving  up  something   and  offering something for  the  welfare  of  all. 

          Those  who  only  take   and  do  not  give something   back  become  a  clog  in the  wheel  of  action. . When  we  waste  this  precious  human  life   in  laziness  , carelessness  , procrastination  and  criminal  activities   or  in being  insensitive  to  others' needs , then  our  life has been  lived  in  vain. . We  are  then  said  to  be  eating  without  sharing  with others. Scriptures  say  that  a  thief  is  not  only  one  who  takes  others' things  without  asking  , but  a  thief  is  also  one   who  never  acknowledges   others ' help  or  one  who  fails  to  give  credit   to  others' timely  help, whatever it  be  . In  modern  times  Plagiarism  is  stealing  others  literary  work  . Receiving  pay  but   not  doing  one's duty , the duty for  which  he  gets paid ,  is  also  another  form  of  stealing. 

            As  one  grows  spiritually  , one   becomes  aware  of the   importance  of  sharing  with  others  whatever  one  is  blessed  with. in  plenty. The  joy  of  sharing  one's  wealth  towards  educating  the  poor  orphans  or  building  homes  for  the  poor   is  great. The  joy  of  sharing  one's  knowledge  of  the  scriptures  is  really  immense  and  is  immeasurable. . Lord  Krishna  says  "  those  who  teach  this  knowledge  (  of the  Gita  )  to others   are  dearest  to  Me  " .  Sharing  this  knowledge  is  an  yajna  . All selfless  actions  manifest  the  Lord's  Divinity.  

to  be  continued....


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