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What prompts an action ?


Practical  steps  to spirituality- section 6 part 79 

The Gita revisited 

What prompts  us to do actions ?

                   We  , spiritually  ignorant  , perform  actions  because  we gain something  by doing  them  . With an  eye  to gaining favours   from others  we  perform  some  actions  only  to please  them . Sometimes we lose something by not  doing an  action. . A timely  help not  given  is  always  remembered  in anger  by  others  .  Some  of  the  social  customs   are  such  that  when  they  are  not  followed  , we lose  the  goodwill  of  others  or  sometimes  we  are  ostracized  by  society  . . Sometimes  we  do  actions  because  we  are  attached  to  or  dependent  on them  for  our  happiness  . A  mother  continues   to show  care  for  her  child  even  when  he  is  grown  up  and  can    take  care  of  himself. . This  she  does  because  she  is  attached  to  her  action  

                 When  we  contrast  ourselves  with  a  Realized  Master  , we  find  that  he  does not  have  any  of  the  above  compulsions   and  is  totally  free  to  do  or  not  do  any  action. . While    we  seek  fulfillment  from  our  actions  ,  he  does  actions  out   of  a  sense  of  fulfillment. . It  is  said  of  King  Janaka  that  he  followed  the  path  of  action   and  became  a  truly   Realized  Master   and  thereafter  he  worked   for  the  welfare  of  others  with  the  karma  yoga  attitude. 

                Lord  Krishna  says   to  Arjuna  "  for  me  there  is  nothing  to  be  achieved  from the  three  worlds   and  nothing    more  to  be  gained  , yet  I  continue to  do  my  duties. . If  I  fail  to  engage  myself  in  proper action  , people  would  follow  my  footsteps  and  become  inactive. "  So  the  Lord  says  that  just  as  the  ignorant  are  attached  to  their   actions   and  their  results  ,  the  wise  should  remain  unattached   to  actions  and  their  results   in  order  that  they  might  uplift  the  world. 

to  be  continued..... 

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