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who can be your ideal ?


Practical  steps  to  spirituality  section 6 part 80 

The  Gita  revisited 

Who  can  be your  ideal  ?  

                   Doing    good  actions  and  having  good  conduct  is   the  highest  dharma  . In these   modern days   we  find   youngsters  choosing  film stars  and  celebrities   as  their  idols   and  try  to  emulate  their  life style and  behavior   in the  film world   as well  as  in their  real  life. . The  youth  cannot   be  blamed  for  emulating  them  .as  they  do not  have   any  role  models   to  look  up to  . They cannot  look  up  to  even   their  parents  as  their  role  models  . because  many  a  time  the  parents  present  an  image  where  there  is  a  contradiction  between  what  they  speak   and  their  behavior  . It  is  good actions  and  conduct  alone  that  can  qualify  a  person  to  be  great  .  The  politicians  too  fail  miserably  on  this  . Even  the  fake  gurus  who  have  mushroomed   all  over  the  world  turn  one  into  a  dis- believer.  

                    So  now  the  question  arises   as  to  whom  we  can  look  up to  as  a  real  role  model  ? It  is  the  Infinite  God  alone  , who  is  Omniscient,  Omnipotent  and  Omnipresent  , that  can  be  our  role  model. . He  is  the  changeless  substratum  of  the  ever  changing  world  . He  presides  over  all  our  actions   and  is  the  karma phala  data   who  gives  the  results  at  the  right  time  and  without  any  mix up . The  Lord  through  His  incarnations  as  Sri  Rama  and  Sri Krishna   and  through  His  life  , work  and  teachings  ,demonstrates  to  us   as  to  how  to  face  life  's  toughest  situations   and  work  tirelessly  for  the  welfare  of  the  world. . Lord  Rama   walked  the  talk  and  even  under  the  toughest  situations  He  did  not  give  up  His  Dharma  . He  is  called  Maryada  Purushottam  Ram  . Lord  Krishna  through  His    Gita   has  given  us   a  priceless  teaching  as  to  how  we  should  live  our  lives   with  a  sense  of  purpose  and  attain  the  highest  goal  of  life-  that  of  realizing  the  Self  , and  selflessly  contribute  whatever  best  we  can  for  peace,  prosperity   happiness  and  welfare  of  all  of  God's  creations. 

to  be  continued....

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