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are we a slave of our vasanas ?


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  6  part 84  

The  Gita  revisited  

Are  we  a  slave  of  our  own  vasanas  ?

                 Are  we  then  a  slave  of  our  own  vasanas,  impressions  and  habits  with  no  hope of  redemption  ?  If  that  were  so,  the  whole  study  of  the  Upanishads  ,  the  Bhagawad   Gita   and  other  scriptures  would  then  become  redundant  in  our  lives.  Human  beings  are  the  only  creatures  blessed  by  God  with  the  power  of  choice  ,  to  discriminate  between  the  right  and  wrong  ,  the  good  and  bad  and  the  different  choices  we  often  make.  Hence  we   cannot  afford  to  be  just  a  victim  of  circumstances. The  Gita  says   that  we  may  be  a  product  of  our  own  nature   or  past  impressions   but  we  are  not  its  victim  .  What  can  be  done   , can  also  be  undone. or  redone.  It  is  we  only  through   cultivating  some  habits   and  entertaining  same  thoughts   over  and over  again  and  again  that  we created   the  vasanas. . So  it  is  very  much  within  our  power   to  un -create  them  or  create  new  habits  or  thoughts. 

               The  solution  lies  in  giving  up  all  our  likes  and  dislikes  ,  our  preferences , our  prejudices. . We  can  first  start  with  reducing  the    likes  and  dislikes  entertained  by  the  mind  and  in  due  course  of  time   gather  strength   to  conquer  them  . . The  next  solution  given  is  that   since   our  behaviour  is   generally   controlled  by  people  or  circumstances   outside   us   or  by  exerting  our  will  power  , we  can   keep  a  check  on  all  our  thoughts  and  actions. . But  we  all  know  that  people  who  exert  their  force  on  us  are  not  always  available   nor  is  our  will  power  always  strong  to  resist  temptations  , we  then  have  to  look  for  other  solutions  

               It  is  only through right  thinking   again  and  again  that   we  can  create  a  new  thinking  in  the  mind   and  this  then  becomes  our  behaviour  . For  example  , we  all  find  it  so  difficult  to  get  out  of  the  bed  in  the  early  morning   and  so  develop  laziness  .  It  is  only  a  repeated  convincing  of  the  mind  by  entertaining  new  thoughts   to  get  up  from  bed   to  fulfill  a  higher  goal   that  can help us get  rid  of  our  wrong  habit  of  lazing  around  in  the  bed  even  when  we  are awake. . The  Gita  says  when  we  do  all  our  actions,  our  duties  with  karma  yoga  attitude   even  if  they  appear  mundane  or  boring  or  tough  ,  then  our  likes  and  dislikes  get  neutralized  in  due  course  of  time   . We  then  will  no  longer  play  the role of a victim  that  of  a  slave  of  our  own  habits  ,  our  vasanas. 

to  be  continued....

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