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attain success in life


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section 6 part 81

The  Gita  revisited  

Attain  success  in  life. 

                   A  mind  that  is  distracted  and  dissipated   and  not  concentrated   cannot  achieve  anything  great   or  worthwhile  in  life.  We  waste  away  all  our  energies  in  regretting  about  our  past  ,  about  what  we  did  , what  others  did  to  us   and  these  thoughts  keep  us  tied  to  the  past  regrets  .  We  have  anxiety  for  the  unborn  future , for  we  do  not  know  what  shape  the  future  will  take  in  our  lives.   Are  we  then  at  least  happy  in  the  present  moment  ?  All  us  know  from  experience  that  our  minds  are  very  much  agitated  in  the  present. and  hence  always  tensed    and  with  no  peace  of  mind. . Such  a  mind  cannot  achieve  any success  in  life. . It  is  only  when  we  keep  our   mind  strong  and  steady   and  focussed  that  we  can  attain  success   in  life. The  Gita  says  that  only  when  we  surrender  ourselves  completely  unto  the  Lord  that  we  can  have  a  taste  of  success  ,be  it  material  or  spiritual. 

               The  world  is  made up  of  all  kinds  of  people  .Those  who  value  wealth,  seek  monetary  profit. , those  who  love   pleasure  , seek sense  enjoyments  ,those  who  are  hungry  for  power  seek  power  ,  those  inclined  spiritually  seek  spiritual  benefit   from  all  that  they  do. . We  have  to  critically  ask  ourselves  what  kind  of  mind  we  have   and  what  do  our  minds  seek  .We  should  elevate  our  minds   by  constantly  reflecting  on  the  Truths  propounded  by  the  scriptures  . We  should  approach  a  competent   Guru  
and  seek  his  guidance   to  grow  spiritually. . We  must  develop  trust  in  the  words  of  the  Guru  . I  may  not  know  how  the  medicine that  I  take  to  keep  my  blood  sugar   normal  , works  but  I  know  that  the  medicine prescribed  by  the  doctor   does  help  to  keep  my  sugar  under  control   and  keep  me  free  from    illness  .  Similarly  , the  words  of  the  Guru  when  taken  with  complete  faith   will  help  us  to  get  a  taste  of  joy  and  success   not  only  materially  but  also  ensures  our   spiritual  growth. . So  let  us  have  complete  faith  in  the  Guru  's  ability  and  nobility  to  guide  us  to  attain  success  in  all  spheres  of  our  life 

to  be  continued.... 

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