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Arjuna's question to the Lord


Practical  steps  to spirituality-  section 6 part 83

The  Gita  revisited  

Arjuna's question  to the  Lord  

       Whether  we  are  intelligent  and  knowledgeable  or  ignorant  , we  think  according  to  what  we  know  but  behave  only  in  accord  with  our  inherent  nature. I  want  to remain  calm  under all  circumstances  but  what  really  happens  is  I  get  angry  over  small  things  much  against  my  will. . We  have  filled  our  minds  with  hundreds  of  desires  , with  lots  of  likes  and  dislikes  . We  brood  over  them   and  act  according  to  them  again  and  again   , which  then  create  deep  impressions  ,  habits   called  vasanas  . This  bundle  of  vasanas  prompts  all  our  actions   and  then  they  become  our  nature. 

       Duryodhana  once  told  his  friend  , Karna  , that   he  knows  what  is  dharma  but  still  he  always  did  something  adharmic. . His  vasanas  guided  him  at  every  step. . He  did  not  take  steps  to  correct  his  behaviour   by  educating  his  mind  in  the  right  direction. . The  bundle  of  vasanas  which  prompted  him  to  do  adharmic  actions   was  his  inherent  nature   and  since  he  never  took  steps  to  get  rid  of  his  nature  , to  turn  over a  new  leaf,  he  remained  a  slave  of  his  vasanas. He  failed  to  listen  to  good  advice  too. 

     It  is  said  that  one  cannot  straiten  a  dog's  tail  which  always  remain  curled  .  Similarly  we  too  seem  to  be  helpless   in   getting   out  of  the  compelling  forces  of  our  vasanas. . All  we  have  to  do  is  to  create  a    new thought  in  our  mind  , a  new  sankalpa    , which  when  repeatedly  affirmed  in  our  mind,  creates  a  new  path  so  to  say  in  the  brain  . Modern  science  also  accepts  the  fact  that  if  the  same  thought  is  entertained  by the  mind  for  21 days  , this  can  become  a  new  habit   replacing  our  old  habit.    Satsang  and  approaching  a  Guru  and  studying  the  scripture  helps  us   to  view  life  in the  correct  perspective  and  change  for  the  better.  and  walk  the  right  path.

             Arjuna  asks  a  very  pertinent  question  to  the  Lord  . "  What  is  the  influence  that  makes  one  act  improperly   forcing  him  against  his  will  "? Are  we  then  a  slave  of  our own  vasanas  , with  no  hope  of  redemption  ?  We  shall  see  the  answer  in  our  next  page  

to  be  continued....

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