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the right attitude


Practical  steps to  spirituality- section 6 part 85 

The  Gita  revisited  

The  right  attitude. 

               What  is  right  attitude  that  we  talk  about  while  we  discuss  about  karma  yoga  ?  Doing  a  lot  of  actions   or  doing  good  actions  is  not  karma  yoga. .  Even  doing  good  actions if done   under  compulsions   or  as  a  burden  can  be  tiring  or  boring. . Karma  yoga  consists  in  doing  the  right  actions  with  the  right  attitude.  and   in  right  attitude  ,there  would  be  the  attitude  of  dedication  wherein  one  does  one's  duties  as  a  worship  of  the  Lord. with  a  sense  of  sacrifice  ,without  any  likes  or  dislikes  ,prejudices  or  selfishness. This  is  arpana  buddhi  or  yajna  bhava  as  Swami  Chinmayananda  puts  it. 

          Along  with  this  arpana  buddhi  , there  is  a  cheerful  acceptance  of  the  results  as  Iswara  Prasada  . So  to  do  one's  duties  with  these  twin  attitudes  , that  I  am  working  for  Him  ,  with  His  knowledge  and  strength  is  called  Karma  yoga. . I  then  also  carry  the  attitude  of  obedience  to  the  scriptural  injunctions,  to  the  words  of  the  great  masters   and  a  strong  determination  to  follow  them  all  through  my  life. . I  also  carry  an  attitude  of  gratitude  which  I  then  show  by  performing  the  panca  maha  yajna. . We  have  seen  that  the  panca  maha  yajnas  are  a  daily  ritual  performed  to  show  our  gratitude   to  all  of  God's  creations  . Along  with  this  there  is  the  attitude  of  continuous  giving  so  that  the  chain  of  goodness  keeps  going  without  a  break. 

            Performing  actions  with   yajna  spirit involves  the  attitude  of  giving  and  giving  up ,    that  of  renouncing  (  giving  up  )  something  and  offering  something  (  giving  ,  samarpana  )   which  is  also  continuously   manifest  in  nature   . We  must  play  our  role   and  give  our  share   to  keep  the  wheel  of  action  rolling  towards  the  welfare  and  progress  of  all. . When  we  carry  all  the  above  attitude  , we  also  carry  the  attitude  of  detachment   and  we  then  would  do  all  our  duties  without  likes  or  dislikes,  without  prejudices,  without  dependence  or  anxiety  or  insistence  of  a  particular  result . 

to  be  continued...

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