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the wise should guide the ignorant


Practical  steps  to  spirituality  -section 6  part  81

The  Gita  revisited  

The  wise should guide  the  ignorant   

               The  Lord  says  in  the  Gita  that  the  wise  should  be  responsible  for  making  the  ignorant  act  in  accord  with  the  duties  prescribed. . However  the wise  should  not  confuse  or  frighten  the  ignorant. . To  guide  him   is  indeed  difficult. . The  wise man  must  himself   be  well  established  in  the  path  of  karma  yoga  -that  of  performing  selfless  actions. . He  must  set an  example  for  others  to  do  likewise. The  ignorant  man  is  motivated  into  any  action  only  because  of  attachments  and  he  considers   name, fame  , power  and  money  as  yardsticks  of  success  .  The  wise  should  not  condemn  or  criticize  the  man  on  the  street.  for  his  own  belief  systems. He   should  be  accepted  as  he  is   and  then  guided  in  the  right  path. 

               It  is  a  known  fact  that  people  change  when  they  are  ready  for  change  . They  should  not  be  forced  to  change. . So  the  Gita  says   it  is  better  to  make  them  become  more  effective  in  what  they  are  already  inclined  towards  rather  than  bringing  sudden  changes  in  their  thinking  and  actions. . It  is  a  known  fact  that  a  tamasik  man  cannot   overnight  be  expected  to  do  selfless  actions  . Hence  the  wise  must  motivate  him  to  perform  actions  even  if  they  are  selfish. . Thereafter  he  may  be  asked  to  perform  some  good  actions   for  a  few  hours  in a  week without  any  selfish  motives  and  when  he  gets  the  taste  of  joy  in  doing  selfless  actions  , he  will  slowly   take  to  the  path  of  karma  yoga. 

            At  first  , he  might  not  understand  the  concept  of  karma  yoga  completely. , but  as  he  continues  in this  path  with  his  own  half  understanding  ,  he  will  reach  a  point  where  he  would  surrender  to  the  Lord  but  yet  doubt  His  compassion   The  wise  should  understand  the  needs  , aspirations   and  guide  him  in the  right  direction. . Finally  it  becomes  important  for  the  wise  to  empower  him  to  free  him  from  all  doubts   and   to  become  independent   and  surrender  himself  totally  to  God's  Will  .

to  be  continued....


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