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A Realized Master


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section 6  part  87

The  Gita  revisited  

A  Realized  Master  

                        A  Realized  Master  is  called  a  jivan  mukta,  a  shita prajna  , a  bhakta  and  so  on.  He  has  in  full  measure  all  the  virtues  spoken  in  various  verses  in  the  Gita. He  has  surrendered  his  ego  unto  the  Lord  . The  ego  is  the  sense  of  individuality  that  arises  when  we  identify  with  something  other  than  the  Self. . All  individuals  have  ego  which  manifests  when  we  say  "  I  am  fat  " ," I  am  happy  ," I  am  intelligent  ", when  we  identify  with  our  body,  mind  intellect   respectively. . Due  to  ignorance  ,the  ego  assumes  the  notion  of  doership  because  of  its  identification  with  the  actions  or  the  equipments  of  actions. . Hence  we  say  "  I am  walking,"  (  body  )  , " I  am  speaking "  (  speech  )  and  "  I  am  thinking  ".(  mind )  and  so  on. The  individual  gets  attached  to  power  , position, name  ,fame  and   possessions   and   becomes  extroverted  and  seeks  pleasures  and  gets  deluded  

                       While  the   ignorant   individual  is  lorded  by  his  ego, the  Realized  Master  knows  that  the  Self  is  the  witness  of  the  play  of  the  instruments  of  experience  on  the  one  side  and  the  experienced  objects  on  the  other  side. . He  knows  that  the  body, mind  and  intellect  and  the  world  are  made  up  of   the  three  gunas , sattwa  , rajas  and  tamas. . He  knows  that  the  gunas  act  on  the  gunas. (  guna  gunesu  varthanthe   says  the  Lord  ) ,  the  qualities interacting  with  the  qualities.  So   he  knows  that  he  is  neither  the  doer  of  actions  nor  the  enjoyer  of  the  results  . . His  ego  has  disappeared  completely  and  has  been  falsified.  He  just  simply  becomes  a  shakshi  , a  witness  , to  everything  that  happens  in  and  around  him , and  without  getting  disturbed  by  any  event  that  happens  in  his  life  and  he  accepts  all  situations  with  a  cheerful  smile   and  continues  to  perform  actions  for   loka  sangraha  ,  for  the  welfare  of  the  world.  

to  be  continued....

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