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the first Guru


Practical  steps  to  spirituality  section 6  part  89  

The  Gita  revisited  

The first  Guru  

                 Spiritual  knowledge  is  eternal   and  ancient  yet  modern  and  never  gets  outdated  . In  the  modern  times  ,even  if  there is a  great  demand  for    material  values  ,yet  there will  always  be  some  who  will  value  and  pursue  spiritual  knowledge. . It  is  relevant  and  beneficial  to  all    at  all  times.. Lord  Krishna  says  He  is  the  Adi  Guru  , the  first  Guru  of  this  knowledge  and  that  He  comes  again  and  again  to  revive  it. . In  India  , this  knowledge  was  passed  down  through  the  guru- shishya  - parampara  . The  great  masters  experimented,  experienced  , verified  and  validated  , mastered  and  taught  this  knowledge  to  their  disciples. . This  knowledge  has  been  able  to  survive  even  in  the  midst  of  challenges  because  of  its  ability  to  adapt  to  the  changing  times  without  losing  its  essence and  has  been  kept  alive  by  the  guru- shishya - parampara  .

                 The  Lord  says  that  He  passed  on  this  scriptural  knowledge  to  Vivasvan  ,who  passed  it  on  to  Manu  ,who  gave  it  to  Isvaku. . Arjuna  is  naturally  surprised  at  the  words  of  the  Lord   as  the  Lord's  birth  was  much  later  than  Vivasvan's  birth  and  how  then  could   He  have  given  this  knowledge  to  Vivasvan  . . The  Lord  clarifies  Arjuna's  doubts  by  saying  that  all  have  had  many  births  and  would  do  so  in  the  future  too  but  all  do  not  remember  their  previous  births  while  the  Lord  remembers  them . As  the  eternal  Lord  , He  is  the  first  Guru  and  the  revealer  of  all  knowledge  .

                The  Lord  incarnates again  and  again  (  sambhavami  )  , not  compelled   by  any  karmas  . He  chooses  the  time  , place  and  form  . As  He  is  Omniscient  He  knows  the  past,  present  and  future of  all  , whereas  we  reincarnate  (  bhavami  )  again  and  again  compelled  by  our  karmas  Our  karmas  decide  our  place  , time  and  form  of  birth  and  because  our  knowledge  is  finite  we  do  not  know  our  past  or  future  births 

to  be  continued.....  

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