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why worship God's incarnations ?


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  6  part  91

The  Gita  revisited  

Why  should  we  worship  the  Lord's  incarnations  ?

                      The  Lord  Himself  incarnated  as  Sri  Rama  and  Sri  Krishna   and hence  worshipping  His  incarnations  is  to  worship  Him  only   . To  worship  the  unmanifest  abstract  Absolute  impersonal  God  is  difficult  for  a  layman  . In  the  12th  chapter  Arjuna  is  asking  the  Lord  as  to  who  are  more  perfect  ,those  who  worship  the  Lord   and  are  always  united  with  Him  in  love   or  those  who  worship  the  eternal  indestructible  unmanifest  ?  The  Lord  answers  Arjuna   that  those  who  surrender   themselves  to  Me  ,  fixing  their  total  devotion  on  Me   and  worship  Me  with  their  minds   fixed  on  Me  , I  consider  them   to  be  the  most  devoted  to  Me  . However  , those  who  are  devoted   to  the  unmanifest   and  that  which  is  beyond  all  senses   and  that  which  is  all  pervading,  also  attain  Me. But  they  fave  excessive  problems   as  it  is  difficult  to  tread  this  path  of  abstract  unmanifest  form  of  the  Lord. ,  while  it  is  easy  to  worship  the  manifest  form  of  the  Lord  , which  enchants the bhaktas'  minds  .

              The  Hindu  religion  speaks  of  hundreds  of  gods  and  goddesses   and  the  bhakta  can  choose  his  ishta  devata   according  to  his  own  inclinations   and  interest. . The  bhakta  can  keep  his  mind  absorbed  in  any  form  , quality  or  name  of  the  Lord for  worship  or    japa  . Worship  of  the  Lord  , prayers  and  meditation  on  His  forms  , give  solace   and  strength  to  the  devotee  when  he  needs  it  most. , they  purify  his  mind   and  make  his  mind  fit  for  contemplation   on  the  impersonal  God  . . The  Lord's  Divine  life,  work  and  teaching   also  inspire   and  transform  the  lives   of  all  bhaktas. . Even  if  the  incarnations  of  the  Lord  might  have  happened  in  the  past  ,yet  He  can  be  invoked  in  His  various  forms  in  the  present. Many  devotees  continue  to  have  a   vision  of  the  Lord  in  His  various  forms  even  in  the  present  times.  and  get  inspired  by  His  form  , life  and  teaching  which  are  indeed  relevant  even  today. 

to  be  continued.....

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