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Intelligent living


Practical  steps  to  spirituality- section 6  part 98

The  Gita  revisited  

Intelligent  living  

                               Intelligent  living  consists  in the  right  use  of  the  intellect  in  understanding  oneself   well  and  the  world. One  who  has  lived  well  , attained  the  goal  of  life  and  attained  infinite  bliss  is  said  to  be  intelligent. . We  have  seen in the  previous  page that when  an  action  is  done  with  the  notion  of  doership  ,it  is  called  an  action. , while  the  same  action  when  done  with  no  notion  of  doership    is  considered  as  inaction. . Such  actions  do  not  bind  the  person  doing  them. When  I  identify  myself  with  my  body,  speech  and  mind  ,I  become  the  doer  of  actions  , while  when  I  realise  myself  as  the  actionless  Self  ,I become  the  non-doer  and  my  actions  do not  produce  any  results  and  hence  do  not  bind  me. 

                         An  intelligent  man  just  enjoys  doing  actions  and  is  equally  happy  in  the  non- performance  of  actions. He  has  no  compulsions to  do  any  action  nor  does  he  have  anxiety  over  the  results  of  his  actions. He  does  actions  out  of  a  sense  of  fulfillment  . The  intelligent  man  , who  is  called  a  realized  master  , a  shitha  prajna  ,knows that  the  Self   is  the  witness consciousness   in  the  presence  of  which  his  body  speech  and  mind  function. . Being  identified  with  the  action-less  Self  ,he  is  not  affected  by  the  external  results  
                     An  intelligent  man's  actions  end  in  the  performance  of  actions  and  do not leave  any  impressions  or  vasanas  in  his  mind. hence   create   no  new  karma  . While  we  see  an  ignorant  man's actions  ,  on the  other  hand ,  do  not  end  with  the  performance  of  actions  . They  create  impressions  in  his  mind  ,which  again  create  fresh  desires  which  prompt  future   actions. He  now  falls  into  the  trap  of  a  vicious  cycle  of  desires  - actions  -results  -  future  desires  -  actions  and  so  on  . This  cycle  goes  on and  on  through  out  his  life  and  in the  lives  hereafter.  He   continues  to  remain  in  bondage. 

to  be  continued....

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