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verse 24 of chapter 4


Practical steps  to spirituality- section 7 part 1 

The  Gita  revisited  

Verse  24  of chapter 4  

                  Verse  24  of chapter  4  is  chanted  by  Hindus  as  a prayer  and  offering  before  partaking  of  meals  . In  the  yajna  - ritualistic  fire  worship,  the worshipper  offers  oblations  into  the  fire  with a  wooden  ladle  to  ask  the  Lord  for  a  particular  result  , yajna  phala. To  the  ordinary  worshipper  , who is  yet  to  realise  the  Lord  as  none  other  than  himself,  each  action  in  the  performance  of   the worship,  the  instruments  he  uses  to  worship  the  Lord  and  the  Lord  he  worships  are  all  different  . However  for the  Realised  Master  , whom  we  have  seen  as  the  intelligent  man  in  one  of  the  previous  pages  , who  has  experienced  the  Supreme  Truth  , all  is  Brahman   and  every  action  connected  with  the  worship   and  all  that  is used  in  propitiating  the  Lord  and  the  worshipper and the  worshipped  are  all  Brahman  . To  him  everything  becomes  a  brahma- karma  . 

            In  the  fire  yajna  , the  verse  states  that , Brahman  is  the  oblation  , Brahman  is  the  clarified  butter  and  so  on  that  constitute  the  offering  ,  by  Brahman  is  the  oblation  poured  into  the  fire  of  Brahman   and  Brahman  shall  be  reached  by  him  who  sees  Brahman  in  all  actions  . In  short  , while  a  person  has  his  meals  ,  he  offers  the  food  first  to  the  Lord  within  him  by  chanting  the verse  to  say  that  everything  is  Brahman. ,  that  it  is  He  who  is  in  the  form  of  food  that  is  provided  by  He  Himself   and  that  it  is  He  that  also  helps  in the  digestion   of  the  food  that  is  eaten  .  The  food  that  is  eaten  also  refers  to  all  the  sensory  inputs  that  we  receive  from  the  external  world  and   that all  the  actions  we  do  by  body  mind  and  speech   are  also    only  to  be  done  for  His  sake  .This  is  not a  mechanical  prayer or  offering  to  the  Lord  but a  genuine  feeling  expressed  to  the  Lord   and  is  accompanied  with a  feeling  of  gratitude  to  all  that  there  is   and  for  sure  , he  knows  that  everything  is  Brahman  alone  is  in  different  forms  .

to  be  continued...

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