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akartha and abhoktha


 Practical  steps  to  spirituality- section  7 part 6 

The  Gita  revisited

The  non -doer  Self  

          I  deeply  believe  that  I  am  the  doer  of  all  actions  -seeing,  hearing,  enjoying , thinking  and  so  on. It  is  simply  impossible  for  me  to even  imagine  myself  as  the  non-doer  Self. I  have  been  identifying  in the  past  and  I  continue  to  identify  myself  in the  present  with  my  body, mind  and  intellect  , so  the  chasm  between  the  doer  Self  and  the  non-doer  Self  seems  unbridgeable  . We  have  seen  earlier,  the  Lord  prescribes  the  performance  of actions  with  the  attitude  that  I  am  only  an  instrument  in the  hands  of  the  Lord  , that  He  is  the  primary  doer  , I  being  only  a  secondary  doer. . When  I  carry  this  attitude  with  me  while  performing actions  , I  become  a  mere  channel  for  God's  Will  to  actualise  . 'Thy Will  be  done  ' is  the  attitude  a  karma  yogi  carries  in and  through  all  his  actions. 
           This  attitude  of  being  the  instrument  of  the  Lord's  Will  , helps  us  to  remove  all  pride  and  selfishness  , personal  likes  and  dislikes  . Such  a  mind becomes  ready  for  realising  the  non- doer  Self. . The  Self  is  akartha  and  abhoktha  . ,  neither  the  doer  of  actions  nor  the  enjoyer  of  the results  of  actions. . The  Self  neither  wields  the  instruments  of  actions- the  body, senses , mind, nor  prompts  the  individual  to  do  any  action,  nor  creates  the  results  , nor  connects  the  results  with  the  individual  . The  Self  does  not  do  any  action- good  or  bad  , neither  is  it  the  sinner  or  the  meritorious  individual.

           The  Self  is  the  witness  consciousness  in  whose  presence  all  actions  , good  , bad  or  ugly , happen . The  Self  is  never  the  doer  of  actions  and  ever  remains  unaffected  by  the  actions  that  take  place  in its  presence. . The  Self  is  never  the  enjoyer  of  the  results  of  actions  . Success  or  failure  ,  honour  or  dishonour  , accolades  or  brickbats  , do not produce   joy  or  sorrow  on  the  non-doer  Self. . Then  the  question  arises  , 'Who  is  the  doer  of  actions  ?.  Answers  in the  next  page  !

to  be  continued....

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