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The highest yajna


Practical steps  to spirituality- section 7 part 3  

The  Gita  revisited  

The  highest  yajna. 

             Lord  Krishna  glorifies  Self- knowledge  as  the  best  and  the highest  among   all  spiritual  practices that were talked  of  in the previous page. . All  yajnas  , except  Brahma  yajna  , are  only  indirect  means   to  Realisation   as  they  all  give only    purity  of  mind  to  the  seeker  to  make  him fit  to walk the  path  of  knowledge. It  is  only  Brahma  yajna  that  leads  the  seeker  directly  to  Self- Realisation. Brahma  yajna  is  that  spiritual  practice  that  involves  the  offering  of  oneself  into  the  fire  of  the  Supreme  Truth  (  Brahman  ). . The  seeker  meditates  on  Brahman  as  being  one  with  the  Pure  Self   and  this  meditation  finally  leads  one  to  the  Realisation  ,"  aham  brahma  asmi  ".

           We  find  that  all  spiritual  practices  involve  both  knowing  and  doing. , while  Self- knowledge  involves  only  knowing  which  ends  all  ignorance  prompted  doings. In  Self  - knowledge  , there  is  no  becoming  , only  being  what  you  already  are. In  most  spiritual  practices  , like  bathing  in  the  Ganges  washes  away  our sins   but  the  sinner  still  remains  , whereas  Self  - knowledge  washes  away  even  the  sinner  - the  doer  of  the  sins. . There  remains  no  doer  to  commit  any  more  sins. . All  actions  fructify  into  results  leading  to  more  desires  and  then  more  actions  while    Self  knowledge  puts  an  end  to  all  actions  and  all  results  and  the  concomitant  vasanas  get  exhausted. 

          Man  commits  sins  time  and  again  , since  he  continually  does  actions  both  good  and  bad. . Some  sins  seem  too  strong  to  be  washed  away  . Self - knowledge  on the  other  hand  , helps  us  cross  the  ocean  of  actions   as  both  good  and  bad  still  accrue  only  to  the  doer.  , the  Self  being  the  non- doer  is  beyond  sin  and  merit   and  so  no  sin  or  merit  accrue  to  the  Self  . We  all  know  that  a  sinner  like  Ratnakar  could  transform  into  the  sage  Valmiki  only  through  Self  -knowledge. 

to  be  continued....

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