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The three obstacles


Practical  steps  to spirituality -  section 7  part 5  

The  Gita  revisited  

The  three  obstacles .

          In    the  pursuit  of  spiritual  knowledge  , a  sincere seeker  does  face  certain  obstacles  and  he  has  to  guard  himself  against  falling  into  their  trap. . The  three  obstacles  that  he  would  have  to guard  himself   from ,are  ignorance,  being  faithless  and  doubting  .  The  scriptures  declare  that  the  one  who  is  ignorant,  faithless  and  doubting  can  never  attain  the  highest  goal  of  human  life - that  of  the  realisation  of  the  Self. 

          The  ignorant  person  has  a  firm  belief  that  he  is  the   finite body  and  that  the  goal  of  human  life  is  to  eat, drink  and  be  merry   ,for  tomorrow  he  might  die  and  that  he  is  the  finite  mortal  being. . He  sees  no  higher  purpose  or  goal  in  life.  The  faithless  denies  the  existence  of  God  but  he  does  have  faith  in  his  own  intellect  which  denies  the  existence  of  God  . Scriptures  say  that  the  one  who  has  no  faith  in  the scriptures,  the  Guru  ,  or  in the  existence  of  God  ,cannot  realise  God  or  Truth.  Lastly, the  one  who  doubts  the   very existence of  God  ,  or  the  scriptures  as  the  valid  source  of  knowledge  (    a  pramana  )  ,  or  doubts  the  ability  of  the  Guru  to  impart  spiritual  knowledge  , does  not  gain  doubt free  knowledge. The  doubter  falls  in between  the  believer  and  the  non- believer   and  is  not  sure   if  God  exists  or  does  not  exist. 

            The  Guru  gives  the  shishya  the  liberty  to  question  , enquire  and  get  all  his  doubts  cleared  so  that  his  knowledge  becomes  firm  and  doubt  free. Vedanta  does  not  expect  the  student  to  accept  the  information  provided  by  the  teacher  as  a  gospel  truth  only  because  the  knowledge  is  being  given  by  the  teacher  himself. . A  student  is  expected  to  verify  each  and  every  word  that  is  presented  to  him  all  for  himself  ,so  that  it  becomes  a  living  truth  for  him and  finally  takes  him  to  the  road  to  realisation  of  the  Self.  While  the  ignorant  , the  faithless  and  the  doubting  remain  agitated   and  unhappy  and  can  never  make  any progress  whatsoever  spiritually  , the  one   who  is  doubting  by  nature  destroys  himself .

to  be  continued.....


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