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Arjuna'a two questions


Practical  steps  to  spirituality- section 7 part 8  

The  Gita  revisited  

Arjuna's  two  questions  

                        In  the  beginning  of  the  5th  chapter  ,Arjuna  is  asking  Lord  Krishna  , a  very  important  question  "O!kesava  ,on  the  one  hand  ,you  advocate  abandonment  of  action  while  on the  other hand  ,you encourage  action. Which  is  the  better  of  the  two  ?  In  the  beginning  of  the  3rd  chapter  Arjuna  had  asked  the  Lord  "  You  say  knowledge  is  superior  to  action  , yet  You are  asking  me  to  engage  in this  terrible  war  . Why  Kesava  ?

                      Both  these  questions  look  similar  but  on  a  deeper  enquiry  ,we  find  that  they  are  really  different  . In  the  beginning  of  the  3rd  chapter  Arjuna  thought  that  the  path  of action  (  karma  yoga  ) and  the  path  of  knowledge  (  jnana  yoga  )  were  two  different  paths  to  the  Truth. . So  he  had  wanted  to  know  which  of  the  two  paths  was  better  . The  Lord  had  explained  to  him  in the  3rd  chapter  that  the  path  of  action  helped  the  seeker  prepare  for  the  path  of  knowledge   and  that    Arjuna  and  the  majority  of  us  are  fit  only  to  take  to  the  path  of  action   , which  would  help  us  to  purify  our  minds  and  make  our  minds  ready  to  receive  the  knowledge  from  a  Guru. Hence  the  path  of action  was  best  suited  for  Arjuna  and  to  all  of  us  in general. 

              Arjuna's  doubt  had  been  cleared  in the  3 rd  chapter   and  he  knows  now  that  he  has  to  go  through  the  preparatory  discipline  of  karma  yoga  before  he  becomes  fit  for  walking  the  path  of  knowledge  . In  the  4th  chapter  ,the  Lord  had  praised  the  path  of  renunciation  of  action  (  karma  sannyasa  ). Hence  we  find  Arjuna  is  asking  the  Lord  in the  beginning  of  the  5th chapter  , as  to  which  path  is  better  for  preparing  oneself  for  Self-knowledge  - selfless  performance  of  actions  (  karma  yoga  )  or  renunciation  of  action  (  karma  sannyasa  )  

to  be  continued.....

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