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How do we overcome the twin enemies ?


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 13  

The Gita revisited  

How  to overcome the twin enemies within us  ?

                    It  is  only  a  Realised  master  who  is  totally  free  from desires  and hence  from  anger  too. It  is  frustrated  desires  that  turn  into  anger  and  while  a person is  angry  ,he  loses  his  intellect  and  once  the  intellect  is  lost  ,everything about  him gets destroyed  and  he  becomes  a  living corpse. !

                 The  first  step  is  to  reduce  our  likes  and  dislikes  by  not  brooding  over them  . By  brooding  over them  ,we tend  to strengthen  them  . As and  when  a  desire  or  anger   crops  up  in the  mind  , we  should  not  give  them  a  physical  expression. , because  they  are  afterall  only  thoughts  in the  mind. . We  should  learn  to  control  them  at  the  thought level  itself. . We  should  reduce   our  desires  and  anger  through   spiritual  sadhanas  like  japa,  tapa,  prarthana  ,vows  and  so  on.  Then  ,with  right understanding  and  reflection   on the  harmful effects  of desires  and anger  on the  personality  , and  how  one  gets  destroyed  by  living  an  uncontrolled  life  filled  with these  twin enemies , one  can  indeed  overcome  these enemies  within  us. 

             We  should  perform  all  actions  with  the  attitude  of  karma  yoga  ,wherein  we  do actions  without  any  expectations   but  as an  act  of worship  of  the  Lord   and  we  then  come  to  accept  cheerfully .  the  results  ,whatever  they    be  , as  Iswara  Prasada  . Doing  actions  with  karma  yoga  attitude  weakens  our  likes  and  dislikes   and  we then   continue  to  do  all  actions  as  obligatory  duties   done  for  the  sake  of  the  Lord   and we  surrender  unto  Him  and accept  the  results   as  gifts  from  the  Lord. 

         Desires  and  anger  can  crop up  in our  minds  any  time   . So  scriptures  advice  us  to  remain ever  vigilant  at  all  times  . Only  an  alert  mind  can  withstand  their  attack. . It  is  only  a controlled  and  alert  mind  free  from  likes  and  dislikes  that  can  apply  itself  on  spirituality  . Only  such a  mind  is  available  for  meditation  and  for  keeping  the  mind  absorbed  on the  Self  

to  be  continued.....

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