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Pleasures are momentary


Practical steps  to spirituality- section 7 part 11

The Gita  revisited  

Pleasures  are momentary 

                  All  of  man's  actions  are aimed  at  getting  happiness  and  that too  unlimited  happiness  and  an  happiness  that  will  last for ever. . Man's  swabhava  is  to remain  in Bliss  -eternal  happiness    and  for  this  he  does  not  need  to  acquire  anything  external  to  him. All  that  he  needs  to  know  is  that  the  Self  is  of  the  nature  of  Sat  -Chit-  Ananda  . Not  knowing  this, he  goes  in search  of  happiness  from  objects,  beings  , relationships  and  circumstances   and  so on. Man's  true  nature  is  to  remain  blissful   and  to  realise  this  he  has  to  put an end  to  all  external  pursuits   and  find out  for  himself  that  the  inexhaustible  and  eternal  happiness  is  right  within  him. 

            When  the  sense  organs  come  in contact  with  conducive  sense  objects  , we  get an experience  of  joy  which  we  call  as  pleasure  . This  experience  of  joy  is  momentary  and  depends  on  so  many  factors  like  availability  of  the  objects  in the  right  quantity  ,at  the  right  time  and  in the  right  place. The  body  must  be  in good  health, the  senses  in good  working  condition  and  most  importantly  ,the  mind  must  be  in a  good  mood  to  enjoy. We  know  that  the  law  of  change  applies  at  all  levels  of  existence  and  hence  the  body,  senses,  mind,  objects  and  circumstances  are  constantly  changing  . So  to  get  an  experience  of  joy  under  such  circumstances  is  very  difficult. and  if  one  of the  above  factors  goes  missing, one  fails  to  experience  joy. Another  important  factor  about  experiencing  joy  is  that  even  after  getting  to  experience  joy,  it is  only  momentary  and  does  not  last  long  .

        The  pleasures  of the  world  create  more desires  , tire and weaken  the  mind  and senses  , create  dependency  , attachments  , fear  of  loss  , greed  for  more  and  anger  when  obstructed. . The law  of  diminishing  returns  works  here  . The  famous  and  most  sought  after  Rasagollas  from  Bengal  give  immense  pleasures  but  even  as  a person  continues  to  eat  them  more  and  more  , one  starts  developing  a  hatred  towards  them  ! Scriptures  say  pleasures  are  wombs  of  sorrow  and  a  wise  man  does  not  revel  in pleasures. 

to  be  continued....  

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