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The highest renunciation


Practical  steps to spirituality- section 7 part 10

The  Gita revisited  

The  highest renunciation. 

               At  the  first  level,the  mind  is still  full  of  desires, likes  and  dislikes. , attachments  to  worldly  things, name, fame  , power  , possession, position and  so  on. . It  is  only  when  the  mind  is relatively  free  of  all  the  above  that  it  can  renounce  worldly  possessions  and  activities. .Scriptures  advice  spiritual  practices  like  japa,    living a  life  of self control,   yajna  , dana  and  tapa  , and  so  on  to  help  the  mind  get rid  of  its  impurities   and  be  ready  to  give  up  all  its  attachments  to  worldly  'toys'. The  detachment  ,  vairagya  ,  comes  about  through  the  selfless  performance  of  actions  (  karma  yoga  )  either  in this  life  or  some  previous  life. 

           A  person  thereafter  takes  to  a  full time  spiritual  life  . In  the  advanced  level  where  the  mind is  already  made  pure  and  subtle  through  karma  yoga  or  karma  sannyasa  ,  one  takes  to  the  enquiry  and  contemplation  on  the  nature  of  the  Self. And  thereafter  it  becomes  easy  to  renounce  the  notion  of  doership  in the  fire  of  knowledge. . This  is  the  highest  renunciation  that  is  spoken  of  in  Vedanta  .

          So  to  sum up  ,one  travels  from  karma  yoga  doing  selfless  actions  which  lead  to  inner  detachment  . This  preparatory  renunciation    leads  him  to  renounce  worldly  possessions  and  activities   and  make  his  mind  pure  and  subtle. . He  then  enquires  and  contemplates  on  the  pure  Self  with a  pure  and  calm  mind. . He  then finally  reaches  Mukya  karma  sannyasa  , which  is  the  highest  renunciation  or  Self  Realisation  , wherein  he  totally  renounces  the  notion  of  doership  and  realises  himself  as  the  non-doer  Self. 

to  be  continued....... 

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