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A life of moderation


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 18

The Gita revisited

A  life  of  moderation  conducive  for  meditation 

                 We  should make meditation an integral part of  our life. To  be  able  to meditate  , we should  experience peace  and  calmness  all  through the  day  for  which  we  should  have  a  life style  conducive  to  successful  meditation.  Scriptures  advocate  a  life  of  moderation  .It  is  said  of the  Buddha   that  when  he  was  on his  quest  for  Truth, he  totally  denied  himself  food  and  he  became  so  terribly  weak  that  he  fell  down  and  became  semi-conscious  . It  is  then  that  he  heard  a  master  explaining to a  student  that  a  musical  instrument  produces  sweet    music only   when  its strings  are  not  strung  too  tight  nor  too  loose  but  just  right  . The  buddha  understood  then  and there that  complete self denial  will  not  help him  in his  spiritual  journey  

             The  Gita  says  'yukta  ahara  '. meaning  the  seeker  should  eat  the  right  quality and  quantity  of  food  to  keep  himself  healthy  and  the  mind  calm and  alert. . This  applies  to  all  sensory  intakes  . Continuing, the  Gita  says  '  yukta  swapna  avabodha  '.meaning  too  much  sleep  or  the  lack  of  it  keeps  the  mind   dull  or  agitated  . Sound sleep  rejuvenates  us  . So  it  is  important  the  seeker  maintains  regular  sleeping  and  waking  hours. 

             Continuing  on this  topic  ,the  Lord  says  ,  'yukta  vihara  '. meaning  entertainments  refresh  us  . But  entertainments  should  be  of  sattvik  in nature  ,so that  they  really  refresh  and  lighten  the  mind  and  not keep  it  agitated  . And  finally  the  Gita  says  '  yukta  cesta  '  meaning  neither  the  lazy  man  nor  the  workaholic  can  sit  peacefully  in meditation  . It  is  only  a  man  who  performs  selfless  actions  that  can  have a  peaceful  mind at  the  seat  of  meditation. . Thus  the  seeker  should  understand  that  meditation  is  not  possible  for  one  who  eats  or  sleeps  too  much  or  too  little  , nor  for  the one  who  is  lazy  nor  for  one  who  tires himself  in frenzied  activities  through out  the  day. 

to  be  continued.....  

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