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Benefits of meditation


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 22

The  Gita  revisited  

The benefits  of meditation .

                           We  are always  in the  habit  of asking what   we will gain from doing  any action   and  for that  matter  ,we will  always  be  inclined  to  ask  what  we will  gain from  meditating  . Meditation gives  supreme peace  . We  have all  experienced  the  disturbance  in the  mind  when  there  is  a lot of noise around. . While it   is  true that a noiseless  place  does give  peace  to our  mind , the  mind that attains  peace in meditation  is  the  supreme peace  of  one's own nature  ,which  is not external  and  which  is beyond all  states.  Such a  mind  becomes free  of all  desires. 

                    In  meditation  , the  meditator  feels  totally  fulfilled  as  he has gained  the very purpose  of  his  life. . There  is  total satisfaction  which  is beyond  the  mind and  body  and  this  satisfaction  is  not temporary  and  is  never  lost.  A finite  object  or  being  cannot  bring  joy  or  sorrow   by itself  . It  is  the  association  or  dis association  with  them that  brings joy or  sorrow. All  sense pleasures are the  root cause  of sorrow  , whereas  the  bliss  of  one's  own  nature  is eternal, endless  and  unconditional  . In  meditation  , one  remains  in direct  contact  with  the  infinite  source  of  joy. 

                     When  we  talk  about  worldly  gain  , we know  it  is impermanent  . On  gaining  worldly  things  ,the  mind  does  not feel  fulfilled   and  it craves  for  new  things  and  newer  experiences. . In  the  gain  of the  infinite Self  in meditation  , the  gain never gets  lost  . This  gain becomes  incomparable  to  any   worldly  gain  . This  gain  of  realising  one's  own  infinite  nature  gives  complete  fulfillment  and  there  then  remains  no  desire  to  gain  anything  thereafter  . Hence  that  is  the  supreme  gain we are  talking  about  here. 

to  be  continued.....

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