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lift yourself by yourself


Practical steps  to spirituality- section 7 part 14 

The  Gita revisited  

Lift yourself by yourself  

                The  Gita says  , " lift yourself  by yourself  "  . " uddaredatmanatmanam  ". Verses 5 and 6 of chapter 6  tell  us  not  to degrade  ourselves  , not  to  look  down  upon  ourselves  or  distract  ourselves,  not  to  fall  in the eyes  of others  or  in our own  eyes. . The  most  important  message  is   that  our  mind  is  our best  friend  and  our worst  enemy. , meaning , a  controlled  mind  is  one's best friend  and  an  uncontrolled  mind  is  one's  worst  enemy. . The  Gita  continuing  on this  topic  says  ,"  raise  yourself  by  yourself   and  do  not  allow  yourself  to  fall" . While  lifting  ourselves  ,we  must  lift  ourselves  in the  right  and  best way possible  using  righteous  and legitimate  means  to  come  up in life. . We  should  choose  such  options  that  suit  our  swabhava  . 

             We  all  do  have  ideals  but  it so  happens  that  we  always  fall  short  of our  ideals  . We  should  raise  ourselves  step  by  step   and  go  higher  and  higher  . If  and  when  we  find  ourselves  falling  from  our  goals  we must  become  conscious  and  take  steps  to  correct  that immediately. . One  thing  we  always  find  in our  life  is  that   when  we  sometimes  try to make  compromises  in our  life   we then  come  to feel  guilty  only  for  the  first  time  , after  which  the  mind , which  is like  a devil ,  gets  used  to  compromises  and  accepts  them  and  they then    become  a part  of  our  behaviour  . 

               The  Gita  says  that  we  should  never glorify  the  fallen  state  and  all  that we need  to do  is  to  come  out  of this  fallen  state  of  compromises   and  bounce  back  to  our  original  state  so that  we  continue  our journey  from there on. We  must carry  a clean  conscience  and  not  fall  in the  eyes  of others  nor in our own  eyes. . While  setting  goals for  ourselves  , we should  not get distracted  by  the  obstacles  which  might come  our way. Obstacles  there will  be, more so  in the spiritual  path ,  but  we  must remain steadfast  in  making  our efforts  reach  their  intended  goal. . We  should become  accountable  and  responsible  for  what we do in our  life. 

             The  Gita  gives  the  universal  call  to  us  not  forget  our true  nature   and  live  like  a mortal and  finite  being . The  call  of the  Gita  is  to  lift ourselves  back  to  our  immortal  and  infinite  nature and  we  , humans alone , can  realise  the  Truth. 

to  be  continued.....

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