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Meditation involves two processes


Practical  steps to spirituality- section 7 part 20

The Gita  revisited  

Meditation involves two processes  .

                Meditation   involves  two processes , that  of withdrawing  the  mind  and  absorbing it in the  Self. . The  mind has to be withdrawn  from all  its  preoccupations  with   the  external  world  of  objects  and  beings  . The  memories  of the  past  , the  agitations  in the  present  and  the  fantasies  in  the  future  ,all  three  agitate  the  mind  and  make  the  mind extroverted  . . The  mind has to be kept   extremely  alert  in  not  entertaining  any thoughts  that  could  disturb  it. . The  mind  has  to  be  intelligently,  slowly  , patiently  and  gently  but  firmly  withdrawn  from  all its  preoccupations with the  external  world .

         The  second  process  involves  keeping  the  mind  absorbed  in the  Self.  The  mind that has been  withdrawn  from  its extrovertedness  cannot  stay  in  vacuum.  and  such a mind  then  has to  be  kept  engaged  on  looking  within  . The  meditator  has  to  give up  all  his  identifications  with  the  body- mind- intellect  and  his  individuality. . In  meditation  ,he  owns  up  his  own  true  nature  . It  is  because  of  one's  ignorance  of  one's  Self  that  one  comes  to  identify  oneself   as the  finite  individual  . In  meditation  the  thought 'I am  finite  ' has to be replaced  by   the  thought   'I  am   the  infinite   Self.'and  this  thought  has  to  be  repeatedly  sustained  during  the  course  of  meditation.
          The  meditator  by  sheer  practice  comes to  carry  this  one  thought  ' I  am  the  infinite  Self'  to  the  exclusion  of all  other  thoughts  . In  course  of time  ,the  intellect  becomes  totally  still  with  this  one  thought  alone. And  this  eventually  leads  him  to  a  thoughtless  mind  /intellect  in to  a  state  of samadhi  ,into  the  state  of  Self  -Realisation  . The  individual  meditating  realises  the  infinite  Self  as  his  own  true  nature  as  of  the  nature  of Sat- Chit-Ananda. 

to  be  continued.....      

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