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nature of the mind


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part  23

The Gita  revisited 

The  nature  of  the  mind  

                   Arjuna  raises  a very  important  question regarding the  nature  of the  mind.  He  wants  to  know  how  the  mind , which is  by nature restless  , could  be  controlled  . This  indeed  is  a universal  question  ,which  all  of us  for  sure  would  also  have  in our  mind  . We  would  all  agree  that  the  mind ,which  by  nature  is  restless,  fickle  and  stubborn ,  is  difficult  to  be  controlled. . The  mind  by  its  very  nature  is  extremely  restless  and  keeps  jumping from one  thought  to  another  at a  terrific  speed  . The  mind can  create  chaos   and  confusion   and  can torment  us  . The  mind  is  strong  and  presents  to  us  every  moment   with an  assortment  of  worries,  demands  and  fears. . Once  the  mind  gets  hold  of a desire or  an  idea  , it keeps  hankering  after  that desire  until the desire gets  fulfilled or until  the idea comes to its  logical  conclusion. It  also  looks  as  though   it  is  unmanageable  or  unrestrainable  .

                   Such being the  nature  of  mind  , how  can a  man  sit   quietly  in meditation   is a  question  that  all  of  us  would  be  raising  like  Arjuna  did to  Lord  Krishna  . So  Arjuna  thinks  it  is  unrealistic  to  expect  evenness  out  of  this  restless  and  unsteady  mind. . He  says  it  is  easier  to  control the  wind  than  the  stubborn  mind  . The  Lord  agrees  with  Arjuna  that  the  mind  that  is  unsteady  by nature  is  difficult  to  be  controlled. But  the  Lord  assures  Arjuna  that  the  mind  can  be  brought  under  our  control  by  the  twin  practices  of  abhyasa  (  practice  )  and  vairaghya  (  dispassion )  . 

to  be  continued.....


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