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Raise yourself from the fallen state


 Practical steps  to spirituality- section 7 part 15 

The Gita revisited 

Raise yourself from the fallen  state 

                     We  can  raise ourselves  from the fallen  state  only when we become intensely aware  of  our fallen  state  and  when  we  have a  compelling desire  to  come  out of this fallen  state   and  finally  when  we  are prepared  to  make  the necessary  efforts  to  raise  ourselves  from this  state. 

                     What  is  the fallen  state referred  to  here  ?. We believe  we  are  mortal  beings  ,who are  finite   and  hence  go through  sorrow  and  sufferings  all  through  our lives  and  let us not forget  that  this  suffering and  sorrow  has been  created  by  our own  ignorance  of  our true  nature. . Being ignorant  of our true nature  ,we get tossed  about  like a  boat  on the  rough seas!

                     The  first  step  we  should take  is  to learn  to  control  our  mind  ,for  a  controlled  mind  is  our  best  friend  and  an  uncontrolled  mind is  our worst  enemy. . An  uncontrolled  mind  can  give  us  endless  troubles  and  sorrows  by  its  fanciful  imaginations  ,  compulsive  desires  or  negative  thinking  . A controlled  mind  , on the  other hand  ,is  our best friend  ,who  helps  us  to  face  all  of  life's  problems  and  troubles  and  encourages  us  to  rise  up  again and again  from  the  repeated   falling. . A controlled  mind  guides  us in the right direction  , and  guides  us  to take  the  right actions  to  correct  our past  mistakes  and  to reach  the  pinnacle  of  perfection  in this  very  life  . We  can  attain Self- knowledge  in this very life time   ,in the  here and  now  . Why  wait  for the next  life  to  fulfill  our  goals  ? Start the  journey  now  . It  is  never too  late  . 

to  be  continued..... 

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