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The preparations before meditating


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 19

The Gita revisited  

The preparations before meditating 

                       Lord Krishna  speaks  about preparations needed  before the seeker meditates  . Some  of the external preparations  are  selecting  the right place  and  time  and  the  need  to remain in solitude while  meditating. . The  seat  should neither be too soft nor  too  hard  , neither  too  high nor too low, so that  it allows  him to maintain   the  correct  posture . The  sense organs  must be withdrawn  from  their  field. 

                    Coming down  to the  inner  preparations  , the  Lord  says , it is  important  to fine tune  the seeker's  mind at the seat  of  meditation. . There  should  be  no  anticipation  nor  expectation  of any specific  result  ,or  of  any  extraordinary  experience  . These  distract  and agitate  the  mind  and  keep  him  extroverted. All  the  knowledge  both secular  and spiritual  should be  thrown  out of the  mind  before  meditating  because  only a  relatively  calm and peaceful mind can  experience  inner peace  while  meditating. . The  mind can  be  quietened  by the repetition  of a  mantra  or  observing  one's breath. . Some  carry their  worries    like,' what will  happen  to  my  family  if  I went  into a  samadhi? ' ,or ' what  will  happen  to  me  if I  lose  body  consciousness ? ' to the seat  of  meditation. . Such fears  should be discarded  . It  is  important  the seeker  sits in meditation as a seeker  of Truth  and  hence  should give  up  all  identities  ,such as  I  am a  father, a  business  man  and  so  on. 

                    Another  important  aspect  of meditation  is  to  develop  devotion to  God  and  this  devotion alone  will  help  the seeker  to  keep his  mind  focussed  .In  meditation , the seeker  should realise  God  alone  as  Supreme  ,so that  his  mind does  not  drift  away  towards  any  of his  relationships  or  for that  matter  in to  any  important  task  that    has  to  be completed. . If and  when  the  seeker  decides  to  meditate  ,he  should  also  firmly  resolve  to meditate  regularly  and sincerely  and  with  a lot  of enthusiasm  to  eagerly  await  his  meeting  with  God  / or  his own  Self  in meditation. 

to  be  continued.....

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