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The purpose of meditation


Practical steps  to spirituality- section 7 part 17  

The Gita revisited  

The purpose of meditation . 

                 Meditation  is to stay  in one's own  true nature  . It  is not a special  action,  a form  of worship ,  japa  or a concentration exercise  .. Meditation is just being  what you are  -the  infinite Self. . Meditation involves  the withdrawal  of the  mind  from the  external world  of objects  , emotions  and thoughts  and  keeping it focussed  on the  Self  . . It  is  the  individual  jiva  identified with its  mind and  intellect  who   is  the  meditator  .Neither  the  body  , the sense organs  , the  physiological functions  ,nor  the  infinite  Self  meditates  . It  is  the  mind that meditates  

             Lord Krishna  has given a detailed  description of the  posture, the seat  of meditation  , and  so  on, but they are only aids  in meditation. . The  meditator  meditates  not  on any external  object  . The  object  of  meditation  is  the  subject  "  I ", which is  of the  nature  of  Sat- Chit  - Ananda  . Some  meditate  on divine  forms,  some  on  OM  ,but  these can  can only make  our minds  pure, concentrated  and  subtler. . They cannot make us realise   and  abide in the  Self. and  this  is  the  purpose  of  meditation. . The  mind  and  intellect are the  instruments through which  one  meditates . Hence  the mind and intellect have  to be  made  pure and  peaceful  before  it can meditate  on the  Self  . The  mind  has  impurities  such as  raga and dwesha  , kama and krodha   and  karma yoga  can  help remove their  physical expression. . 

         The  intellect has  the  impurities  of  ajnana  (  ignorance)  , samsaya  (  doubt  )  and  viparyaya  (  vagueness  and  false notions  )  . Ignorance  and  doubts  can be removed  by  sravana  and  manana  respectively   and  the seeker  could get  clarity  and  subtlety . . The  false  notions  like    "  I  am  a  finite  being  "  ," I  am  the  body  "  , " I  am  the  doer  of actions  and  the  enjoyer  of  the  results  of actions  "..   have  been  with us  from many life times  . The  purpose  of  meditation  is  to remove  these  false  notions  with the  knowledge  that  I am  the  infinite  Self  .The  removal  of  the false  notions by  owning  our true  nature  is  called  meditation  (  nididyasana  ). 

to  be  continued..... 

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