Saturday, 22 November 2014

Two obstacles in meditation


Practical steps  to spirituality- section 7 part 21

The Gita  revisited  

Two  obstacles  in meditation  

                  The  Kathopanishad  says   walking the  spiritual  path  is  like  walking on a   sharp  razor's  edge    and  hard  to  tread  and  needless  to  say  there will  be  obstacles  at  every stage  of  one's  spiritual  journey. The  obstacles  that  are external  are  mainly  due  to a  lack  of preparation  before  meditation. . These  can  be  corrected  to a  great  extent  . The  two most  important  obstacles  a  seeker  faces  in  meditation  are  sleep  and   mental  agitations  .  The  meditator  might feel  sleepy  because  of  ill-health  or  tiredness  

                   The  mind  usually  knows  only  two  states  that  of  getting  distracted  by  external  events  /objects. or  going  off  to  sleep. . So  in  meditation, when  the  mind becomes  quiet  , the  meditator  goes  off  to  sleep  .So it  is  important  for  the  meditator  to  change  his  life style  and  he  must  ensure  that  he gets  enough sleep  in the  night.  A person  performing selfless  actions  (  karma  yoga  )  can  overcome  sleep  to a great  extent  . Even  as  one  feels  sleepy  at  the seat  of  meditation, he  should awaken  himself  by  means  of  deep  breathing  or  by  loud  chanting  of  mantras. .

                  The  second  obstacle  one  faces  in meditation  is  mental  agitations. . The  mind  by its  very nature  wanders  from  one  thought  to  another. . At  the  seat  of  meditation  , thoughts  that  disturb  the  mind  should  be  arrested  and  an  alert  mind  should  bring the  mind  back  to  its  focus  on the  Self. . This  can  be  achieved  successfully  with  practice.  The  meditator  must  make a  firm  resolution  just  before  meditating  that  he  would  keep  his  body  still  and  not  move  it. . Secondly  ,that  while  he  is  at  the seat of meditation, he  is  only a  meditator  and  does not belong to  anyone  nor  anyone  belongs  to  him. . His  only  identity  is  that  of  a  seeker  of  Truth   and  thirdly  , that  meditation  is  the  only  important  task  of  his  life. and  that  nothing can  distract  or  disturb  him  .

to  be  continued......