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who is fit to meditate ?


Practical  steps to spirituality- section 7 part 16

The Gita  revisited  

Who is fit to meditate  ?

                           In  the modern  times  , there are  various  programmes  for  instant  realisation  and  many  types  of meditation  are  taught  by teachers  ,who claim  that  practising  them  one could attain  moksha  . One  just  comes  to wonder  if  meditation  is  a  lifestyle,  a technique  ,a  skill, a  journey  or  the  destination. , whether  it  is  a  perishable  product  or  the  imperishable  Truth. The  general  conception  about a  meditator  is  one  who  sits  quietly  in solitude  without  any other occupation  . Meditation  ,in the real    sense  of the  term , is  the  absorption of  the  mind  on  the  Self  within   where there is  inner  calmness  and  peace   in the  meditator's  mind.  

                          A desire filled  mind  can  never  sit  quietly  in meditation  . Such a  mind  becomes  restless  and  extroverted  and  can  never  look  within  . A  person  who  indulges  in all  kinds  of  pleasures  and  entertains  thoughts  about  sense pleasures  , can  never  go  through  the process  of  meditating  on his  higher Self. We  have  seen  in the  first  chapter  , a  highly  confused  Arjuna  wanting  to  run away  from  his  duties  of  fighting  the  righteous  war   being  advised  by  Lord  Krishna  that  karma  yoga  is  a  necessary  preparation   to  the  path  of  meditation  and  to  living  a  peaceful  and  happy  life. . When  a  karma  yogi  performs  actions  with  the twin attitudes  of  Iswara  arpana  bhavana  and  Iswara  prasada  ,  he  comes  to  give  up  his  likes  and  dislikes  and  comes  to  carry on his  obligatory  duties  selflessly   and  he then  comes  to have  a  calm and  peaceful mind  ,which  is  essential  for  him to sit  and  meditate  

                      We  have  seen  in previous  pages  that  the  true  renunciate  is  one  who  has  renounced  his  desires  . Only  a  relatively  desireless  mind  can become  quiet   and  turn  within  and  meditate  . By  walking  the  path  of  selfless  actions  ,one's  mind  becomes  relatively  free  of desires  and  turns  within  and  contemplates. Only  such a  mind  is  then  ready  to  renounce  worldly  and  religious  duties  and  follow  the  path  of  meditation. 

to  be  continued........

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