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causes for mind's restlessness


Practical  steps to spirituality- section 7 part 24

The Gita revisited

Causes  for mind's restlessness.

                   The  mind  becomes  restless  due  to  some  of the  following reasons. . When  we lose our objectivity   and come  to  identify  with a  thought, the  mind  then gets  agitated  . As  long as  we can  view  events  and  circumstances  of  life  objectively  ,we  remain  calm  but  the  moment  we lose  objectivity  and  come  to  identify  ourselves  with  people  and situations   , restlessness  in the  mind.gets created. . Secondly  ,the  mind  comes to justify  all  our  negative  thoughts  and  in  the  process  we  strengthen them  and  create  restlessness  in the  mind. . Thirdly  ,when  the  mind , like  a  child  constantly  condemned ,  loses  its  self  confidence   and  turns  rebellious  and  violent  . Lastly  a  mind  that  is  not  ready  to  face  its  own  weaknesses  tries  to  escape  from  facing  the truth  by  taking to  drugs  , alcohol   and  so  on  to  forget  itself. 

                   What  is  the  remedy  for  treating  the  mind  of  its  restlessness  ?. The  remedy  lies  first in  unconditional  acceptance  of  whatever  we  are   and  of  all  the  people  around  us  and  of  all  the  circumstances  in  our  life.  Only  this  cheerful  acceptance  can  calm the  mind  . Such a  quietened  mind  can  then  respond  to  life's  situations  in  a  positive  way. . We  should  train  our  mind  gently  but  firmly   to  listen  to  the  call of  our  intellect   and  remain alert  at  all  times. . Scriptures  advocate  spiritual  practices  like  japa  and  tapa  to  discipline  the  mind  . Each  one  of  us  has  to  find  out  the  best  possible  method  suitable  for  us  to  tackle  the  naughty  mind.  And  we  must  learn  to  practice  that  method  that  suits  us  to  quieten  our  mind  especially  in meditation. 

to  be  continued....

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