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he continues from where he left


          Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 26

The  Gita revisited

He  continues from where he left 

               Arjuna wants  to know what happens  to a person ,though possessed  of faith  but  cannot  control his mind   and  what happens  to him when  the  mind has fallen  away from yogic  practice  ,without having reached  its perfect state  . Arjuna wants  to  know  if  that person has lost  in his pursuit  of  his goal  of Self- Realisation  ,like  a wandering  cloud , with no  solid footing  in either this  world  or in the  other  . In short  ,what  happens  to a person  who  is  short  of  achieving his  goal  in this  life  ,is  what  Arjuna  is  curious  to  know from the  Lord. 

             The  Lord  says  that  such a  person's  sincere efforts  never goes waste  . A   sincere seeker  is  anxious  to  know  what  will  happen  to  him  ,who has  given  up  all  pleasures  and  comforts   to  attain the  bliss  within  but  nevertheless   does not  attain  the  goal  of  Self  - Realisation  , would he  be  losing  both  the  worlds  . The  second  anxiety  of  the seeker  is  if  he  happens  to  die  before  attaining  his  goal  ,will  all  his  efforts  go waste  .   and  thirdly  ,if  he were  to get distracted  from the  path of meditation  due to  some  external  or  internal reasons  , will  all  the  efforts  undertaken  all  through  his  life  become  useless  . 

               The  Lord  says  that  nothing   that he does   in the  here and  now   or  has  done  in the  past   is  ever  lost  . He   continues  his spiritual  journey  from where he left  in his  previous  life. Nature  helps  him   by  making him  take  birth  in such a  place  and  family  ,where  all  circumstances  are  conducive  for  the  continuation  of  his spiritual  journey  . He  is  born   in a   pious or  aristocratic family  or  he  may  be born  in a  family  of wise people  . The  circumstances  of his  life  then  help  him   to  regain the  yogic intelligence that was  cultivated  in his previous life   and  go on to  continue  once  again the  striving  for  perfection  . Due  to  his previous practice  , he  is  carried  along  in the  present  life  spontaneously   towards  his  goal  . The  Lord  says  by  constantly   trying   and  by controlling  his  mind  , the  yogi  purged  of  all  evil  impulses  in him   and  made perfect through  many  births  , finally  attains  the   supreme  goal  . 

to  be  continued....

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