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How to control the mind ?


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 25

The Gita revisited 

How  to control the  mind ?

                We  have  seen  Arjuna  saying  to Lord Krishna  that  the  mind being restless  by  nature is  difficult to   be controlled. and  hence  how  can   such a  mind  meditate  on the  Self . The  Lord  had  given  certain  external  and inner  preparations  that  have  to  be  done  at  the  seat  of  meditation. . The  Lord  agrees  with  Arjuna  that  the  mind  is  restless  but  He  adds  that  it  is  difficult  to  be controlled     only by  one  whose  mind  is  not  in his  control  and  that  by  practice  and  dispassion  ,the  mind  can  be  brought  under  his control.  The  two  most  important  prerequisites  for  successful meditation   are  discrimination  (  viveka )  and  dispassion  (  vairagya  ). These  are  the two  wings  that  help  the  mind to  fly  high in meditation 

              By  a  diligent  practice  of  discrimination  , of  the  right  from the  wrong  , the real  from the  unreal and  owning up  our  true  essential  nature   and  through  detachment  from  what  we  are  not(  we  are  not  the  finite  being  which  we  falsely  believe  ourselves  to  be ), we  can  surely  make  progress  in  controlling  the  stubborn  mind  and  meditating  on the  Self. The  seeker  has  to  time  and  again  remind  himself  of  his  true  nature   and  through  studying,  reflecting   and  discussing  with  like  minded  people  the  Truths  given  out  in the  scriptures  , he  can  make  it a  habit  to  come  to  think  of  himself  as  an  infinite  being  . The  meditator  must  always  remain alert   to  keep  his  mind  peaceful  

           Restlessness  cannot  be  the  real  nature  of  our  mind  because  the  mind  does  get  to  enjoy  moments  of  peace  , calmness  and  concentration  . Restlessness  of the  mind  is  caused  by  anger, greed  , jealousy  and  so  on  ,while  compassion  and  love  make  the  mind   calm and  peaceful. . For  all  practical  purposes  , we  can  make  an  inventory  of  all  the  situations  in our  life  that  create  agitations  in our  mind  and  then  learn  to  deal  with  them  in a  positive  way ,so  that  our  mental  agitations  get reduced  and  the  mind  then learns  to  remain peaceful  free  from   all  agitations 

to  be  controlled