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Jnana and vijnana


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part 30 

The Gita revisited 

Jnana  and vijnana  

                 Some  great thinkers  opine  that  the  Gita is divided  into three  sections   which  explain the  mahavakya  "  That  thou art  ". The  first six chapters  explain  the  term  "  thou  "  ,  the  next  six chapters  about  "  That  '  and  the  last  six chapters   explain  the term  " art  "  , the  relation between   the thou and   That  . . So  it becomes  important  for the seeker  of  knowledge  to  know  about  himself, who  he  is,  what  is  his  identity  and  what are his  duties  and  so  on. . Then  it becomes  important  to  know about the  world  he lives in.  and  finally  it becomes  important  to  know  about  the  nature  of  God  and  what does  He  do    and  His  relation with the  world   he has  created   and  with the  individuals  . In  short  , spirituality tries  to find an answer  about  the  individual (  jiva  ),  the  world  (  jagat  )  and  God  (  Iswara  ).  Lord  Krishna  promises  Arjuna  in the  beginning  of the seventh chapter  that  He  would  impart  total  knowledge  (  jnana  )  and  wisdom (  vijnana  ) about  Himself   and   the  world   and  knowing  which  nothing  more  remains  to  be  known  by the  seeker. 

                 Jnana  is  knowledge  or  information  about  all  aspects  of a topic  , vijnana  is  giving  a  deeper  insight  into the  topic. Jnana  is   general    knowledge  ,while  vijnana  is  specific  knowledge   like  a  general  physician   having a general  knowledge about medicine   and a  specialist  having specialised knowledge  about   say  eye,  nose  and so on  . . Jnana  is  scriptural  knowledge   and  living that  knowledge  becomes  vijnana  . . Jnana  is  knowledge  of  the various  aspects  of the  world  , but  to  know  it  along  with its  ultimate  cause   is  vijnana. . While  jnana  is  to know  that  God  exists  , vijnana  is  going one step  further  to  know  that  He  and  I  are  essentially  one .. Jnana  is to know that  God  is the  ultimate cause  ,vijnana  is  to realise  that  I am  that  infinite  Self  , the  ultimate  cause  . Thus  jnana  is  just the  intellectual  understanding   of who  I am  ,while  realising  myself  as  That  is  vijnana  . . Once we  know  both  jnana  and  vijnana  , there remains  nothing  more  to  be  known like  knowing  that  all  gold  ornaments  are made  of gold  , one  automatically  comes  to  know  the  toe ring, ear ring,  the  nose ring  and  so  on as  gold  only. 

to  be  continued....     

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