Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Only a rare few seek spiritual knowledge


Practical steps to spirituality - section 7 part 31

The Gita revisited  

Only a rare few seek  spiritual knowledge 

                        In  the  modern  times  , we find  that  we can  get  along with others, build a successful career,  get  married  and  carry  on lots  of activities  , all  these  even  without   having  any  spiritual  knowledge. So  no one feels  the need  to  pursue  the path of knowledge   to meet  their  daily  needs  .  Hence  as  and when  someone gets  interested  in spirituality  ,we  call them  escapists   or  failures  in life. . Yet a few  others  who  understand  the  importance  of this  pursuit   think  that  this  pursuit can  be taken  when  they retire  from active  life  because  they  will then have  nothing else  to do in life.  And  some  others  give  importance  only  to the performance  of  rituals  without ever  enquiring    why they  are doing them  .

                      There are a rare few  who  are not  satisfied  with  the philosophy  of 'eat, drink and make merriment  ',but want  to know  the answers  for  many  questions  regarding themselves, the world, and  God   and whether  there is a  higher  purpose  in life  ,if  so  , what  .  They are the  ones  that  seek  spiritual  knowledge   ,as  Lord  Krishna  tells  in the  Gita  that  they  have  carried  forward  their  quest from their  previous  lives. and  are born  in conducive  environments  and  families  to continue their journey forward .. Even if a few get interested  in the pursuit of Truth  , we might say  ,may be only a few come to know God.  This could be because  the  others are not blessed  with the right Guru to lead them in the right direction  ,even  if they have had an interest in this pursuit. Or  may  be  ,half way through their  journey  ,they  got distracted  and  had squandered  the available time  and energy  in  worldly pursuits  . Some  in the course  of the spiritual journey  do sometimes  develop  some  extraordinary  powers  (  siddhis  )  but get carried away  by  exhibiting these powers  to gain  popularity   and  the  truth remains that their spiritual  growth  stops then and there.  So  it  is the  rarest  of the rare  that  is endowed  with the  capacity and  sincerity  to  make the  real  efforts  to reach  the  ultimate  destination.

                      Those  of  us  who are  already  in the pursuit of Truth   and  have the  blessings and  guidance  of  the  Guru   , I do not see  any reason why  we cannot   attain  Self-knowledge  in this very  life. . Let  us  not  waste  this  precious  human  life  gifted  to  us     in seeking  worldly pleasures  . Let us keep  reminding ourselves  that the  only mission  in life  is to know  ' who  I  am  '.Let  us  make  a strong  new year  resolution   in 2015  to  keep  this  fire  , the  urge  to get  moksha  , burning  withing  our bosom   ,so  that  all  our  activities  will  be directed  only  towards  reaching  our  ultimate destination.    I  wish  all  readers  a successful  journey  in this  direction   in the  coming year   

to be continued....

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