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Sama darshana


Practical steps to spirituality- section 7 part  28

The Gita revisited

Sama darshana 

                 A man  of perfection has sama darshana  , the  vision of oneness  for  all of  God's creations  . He  is a realised master who sees  the  infinite Self  in all  and  all  in the Self.  And  because  he has  realised  his  oneness  with all  , he now has the  vision  to  see  God  in all  and all  in  Him  . . He  speaks  but little  but whether  he is in solitude  or  amongst a crowd  ,his  mind  is  always  centred  in the Self . Since he identifies himself with all,  he  considers others joys and sorrows  as  his  own . He  gives  due respect  to all  , never  hurting  or  harming others  even  verbally. . He  has the  vision  of  equanimity, equality and  balance.

               For an  ordinary man  on the  street  , his  joys  and  sorrows  depend  on others  , on  the  circumstances  he  is  placed  , while  a  man  of perfection  remains  calm and poised  under all  circumstances  of  his  life. . He  does  not put a subjective  value  on  things  as  he sees  things  as they are. . He  remains  totally  unaffected  by the  presence  or  absence  of  things  or  people  around  him. . He  has  no  preferences  ,hence  he  accepts  all  that  he  comes  across  in life  . . He  gives  importance  to  each  and  everything  that  he  uses  in his  daily  life's  activities   and  gives  due respect  even  to  objects  of  daily  use. . Human  relationships  are   complicated  ,hence  difficult  to  maintain .. But  that is  not  so  for a man  of perfection. He  has  total  acceptance  of  all  the  events  that  happen  in his  life  (  he  still  has  to  go through  his  prarabda  karma  )   and  of  all  people  he  has  to  deal  with  in the  course  of  his  life's  activities. . He  has  total  acceptance  of  all  and  has  no  prejudices  or  expectations  from anyone  . He  is  a happy  man  who loves and respects  all.

to  be  continued....

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