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Why do good people suffer ?


Practical  steps to spirituality- section 7 part  27

The Gita revisited 

Why do good people suffer ?

                                 Let us first examine  what we really  mean  by flourishing  and suffering . . For the man  on the street  , flourishing and suffering mean the presence  or absence  of worldly comforts  , pleasures, name,  fame,  power or possessions  . The general  belief  is that  good people suffer  and bad people prosper   and  that  it is not necessary  to do  or  be  good  . 

                                 A person who values  good , feels  good  by doing good deeds  . For such a person  compromising  with the values  he cherishes  would amount  to  suffering  . . We  all  are familia with  the story  of the  child  Prahlad  . Even  though  he  was  tortured  by his  father  by various means  for taking the  Lord's name , yet  for  him  forsaking  the  Lord's  name  would have been  a greater  suffering. . In  India's  independence  movement  , thousands  went through  great  suffering  , but  for  them  to remain as  slaves  under the  British  amounted  to  a greater  suffering. 

                           If a  person expects  comforts  , pleasures  and  recognition  from  his  goodness  then  it  means  that he  does not have  real  value  for  goodness  but  only  for  all  the  comforts, pleasures  and recognition he  cherishes  . Such a person is not really  good  but  only  seemingly  good   and  he  might even  be willing to  make  compromises  with  values.  Such a  person  is  not  good  enough  or  a  potentially  bad  person. . The  potentially  bad person  suffers  when  he  has to make  compromises   in trying  to  be  good  . 

                       Every person under the sun   faces  problems  whether  he  is  good  or  bad. Each person has   to go through  the  result  of all  his past   good and bad karmas . Hence  whether  one  is good  or bad  now,  he  has  to  go through   conducive  or  non- conducive  situations  in life  . His  good  actions  in the  present  do not cancel  out  his  past  bad  actions  .and  hence he has to go through  the  sufferings  for  his  past bad actions. . The  important  point  we  seekers  must  remember  is  that  by  being  good  in the present  helps  to face  bad situations with courage  . Lord Krishna  urges  us    to  be  good  and  do  good  . The  good we  do   is never  lost  ,says the  Lord. and  the  bad  we  do  is  also  never  lost   and  will  come  back  to  visit  us  for  sure. 

to  be  continued.....

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